Sunday, January 18, 2015

And if Tumblr's your jam...

I generated a Tumblr page for you, and no one else.

Twitch Doodles, Pt.1

A normal update will arrive soonish but in the meantime, I'm dropping some drawings made during while Twitch streaming. One day I thought, "I should doodle while I wait for my opponents to finish their turn in Hearthstone." "On camera" was then added for lulz.

The result is distracted gaming, saltiness, silly interactions with Twitch viewers, and doodles that push me out of my drawing comfort zone. If that sounds fun, follow at or @erlanter (twitter) for more nonsense.

"Can you draw a dragon?"

"A lion, with a boot on its head?"

"A' learn to play' logo?"

(The usual)

"A roaming root?"

"A spaceship?" (Um)

"Ken and Ryu?" (Just Ken)

"A pug?"

(A pug-themed spaceship)

"Dorian from Dragon Age?"

(Mistress of Pain card)

(More usual)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Is it 2014?

It must be time for a biennial update. I'm still plugging away on my indie game, happily, and the world keeps chugging along. Blogger is diminished (should I Tumblr?) and less people will presumably see this post since the death of Reader, but thbppt. Gotta share those random drawns, and in bulk, to make up for lost time:

Petitties + lion head


Spiderpusbeard ftw

Didn't watch his step

Kathmandu mascot

We totally should.

Goblin scarves + back zits

Note heads

Taco sensei, star wire

So stylin'

Note heads 2

Much random


How to open a sauce packet

Not enough teeth

Note heads 3

Chicken + Stitch-dog

Too much gnome

Slanted ftw

Note heads 4

Critter silhouettes

Curleh mustache

Epic mouth twist

Favored sketches

Bitter face

Snooty profile

Game thoughts

Much random 2

Kittens + sneezes

Much random 3

Keepin' loose

Airplane sketches!

Ottley contributions

Two halves make...

My first name around a cup =

Note heads 4

Armpit fart

Gotta believe

I love you thiiis much

Note heads 5

Much random 3


RPG scribble

Mustache or hair?

Proud bush

Sans shame

Appointment doodle

Perfect hairdos

Hot toes

TMNT + wizard sherriff

Pointed chin excellence

Big news worm



The lamest magic

Much random 4

Pants + yoga pants

Tightly tied tie tie tied tightly

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