Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sorry again for the slow updates. I was in Florida for a week, went to an election party, work has been a bit more stressful lately, and I'm enjoying the submission of my spare time to a lovely lady that makes me very happy. So let's start with Florida. For the trip, I was asked to do piece of art that described how I got into my particular creative field (of game design). I decided to tackle the project on the plane trip down, and was pleasantly surprised by how little turbulence there was. I started with a page of warm-up drawing. The thumbnails in the upper-left hand corner were me playing with ideas for the project.

For the project I decided to focus on a moment in my life when I was pinned down and forced to eat a grasshopper before I could go home. Yes, this happened. I grew up haole in Hawaii, and at some point the local kids I grew up with learned their prejudices and this sort of thing was becoming the norm. But it was a formative moment, where I remember deciding it was a good idea to learn how to have fun indoors. Hence drawing, playing video games, and doing a plethora of other nerdy things that helped me become the *cough* man I am today. A friend had some pens across the isle from me on the plane, so I was even able to ink it. Hooray!

The Tuesday after I got back was drawing night, but I almost didn't go because I came down with an awful cold. I decided I should at least say hello to the folk that were there, and when I showed up, I ended up sticking around for some reason. This was my hazy warm-up page. I remember very little about it.

I had showed up for drawing late, though, and we went off to a pizza parlour for dinner. Not being to into the social aspects of the evening in my condition, I just kept doodling. I started doing a cartoonish face, but was too tired to come up with details, so I scanned the tables around us and started doodling the hairstyle, jewelry, and clothes from a girl at a nearby table that looked like she was on a first date. After finishing her, I felt like drawing a hag. I guess I just like doodling hags around Halloween.

But I think my mind started wasting away and insanity set in. This last drawing started with the giant gnome thing, or whatever the hell it is. I then drew some figures to distract me from the gnome, who kind of freaked me out. The next most obvious thing to draw was Pac Man for some reason, and I drew a trail of pac pellets (what are they called?) pushing right into the gnome's stomach. Really, the only sane thing that could be added was "HOLY FUCKING SHIT."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"What is hhhhhat?"

Another fun draw night with a smaller crew. This time it was Tom, Dave, and Manfred in addition to me. The first page was common warm-up. Not much to say, except I started out feeling pretty uncomfortable with my pencil. I felt kind of tight and immobile starting with the top-mid guy, and didn't start feeling loosened up until part of the way through the girl. But getting loose also made my drawings sketchy this go-round, as the top-right and bottom-left drawings show.

But it was good prep for this witch-like lady. I enjoyed this drawing quite a bit. I started with the brows, just making a lot of lines come to a point, and just tried to go with flowing lines. I felt light defining the silhouette but not filling in the cloth around her out of some mixture of aesthetic and laziness, and once I started seeing a division between the simplicity of the cloth and the complexity of her flesh, I decided to make it kind of like a hoody-cloak, filled in her neckline area, and the whole drawing came across as pretty fun and creepy to me. I liked the end result, and added "HH" to my signature for "Happy Halloween," which confused Manred and Tom (and inspired the title of this post).

Tom always does these thumbnail environment pics with really interesting shapes, so I decided to do a Tom impression, and drew a box, and started filling an environment into it. It's probably confusing as hell, especially with the figure I drew behind it afterward, but I started with a figure, decided he was standing on a treetop, that a limb of leaves would swing out from it, with a trunk behind it, with lots of tentacle-like roots descending from the trunk for water below, and lots of clouds beneath the entire thing. Maybe it would be fun to paint.

Last but not least, I went in to drawing night thinking about Jenny, who's endured a destructive migraine for about a week now. She bid me adieu earlier, asking me to draw someone who could kick the ass of migraines, so I started imagining "Migraine" as a character who sat on and crushed peoples heads, so I could make another character kicking Migraine's ass. But once I had a character sitting on a head, the head turned out all weird and almost alien, and Migraine's hands were up in the air instead of down squeezing, and I couldn't think of a way to also have Migraine's ass being kicked while conveying the squeezing information. It all happened fast and without planning, so I found myself adding a hammer, and wondered at how I managed only to convey pain and suffering in lieu of relief. Arg.

And in response to someone who asked if the guy on the bottom was Manfred, I labeled him "Manfred," the Migraine "Alan," and the hammer "Tom's Nutsack" for laughs. Manfred thought it was a good scene for the Exorcist V, and Tom suggested that Burt Reynolds -- and various Burt Reynolds body parts -- play us. Manfred added "Dave's Spirit." This was an entertaining, epic fail (in purpose and maturity) of a drawing, presented for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naughty Chopper (Chop! Chop!)

At draw night this week I decided to focus on faster, sketchier figures again. The first page began with the eye in the lower corner, and then I started loosely drawing an image of Spidey in my head, focusing on his wirey-yet-muscley look. It was all over the place, so I tried again without erasing or doubling up lines to define line weight or commit to shapes. But I didn't care if it actually ended up Spidey and didn't know where I was going with it, so I just made it a nobody. But he still had his head intact. The rest were just scribbles, but I rather liked the scribble in the top-left, where I wanted to draw someone grabbing his own feet. I'm sure it's got messy bits in there, but for a quick sketch I thought it looked pretty nice. Jon Diesta was talking about some anatomy lessons he had picked up on from a fellow artists, and feeling jealous that I had nothing to teach, I showed Jon the anatomy of a flower while drawing one behind the squatting fella.

Realizing I had just did yet another page of man figures, I decided to do a page of ladies. Drawing ladies is really fun because of all the different shapes and sizes that are still in the beautiful form range, and I love the way their hips work; I really have no idea why I don't doodle them more often, whether its the fact that everyone always doodles ladies, or because few of the superhero books I followed as a kid had women as the lead hero. Either way, it's a bit of sadness. But I digress.

I started with the top sitting lady, then the standing lady, then the back-scratching lady, whose right arm sticks out to me as not a good headrest at the moment, and then I thought of the guy grabbing his feet and wanted a female version of it, so I did a nude figure putting on her shoe. That was fun. Then I looked over at what Jon was doing -- a much larger female figure -- that was looking really cool, so I drew a fan (like his figure had), and then started fronting:
"My girl has a fan, so now what? Huh? Huh?"
"Now she needs a sword," Jon replies.
"Now mine has a sword. What now?"
Tom jumps in with, "Shoes. Made of goat."
"Now she has goat shoes! What up?"
"She needs a HairdoodZ," says Jon.
"And a monkey-hat," interjects Tom.
After scribbling, I announce, "She has a monk HairdoodZ with a monkey-hat. Unnh!"
"Mine is going to have a print on her clothes," announces Jon.
I'm screwed, I think. "Dammit, she has no clothes! Maybe I can do a tattoo..."
So I finished up with the tattoo and was pleased enough to note all of the contributions everyone made to the drawing. Continuing with figures, I added the bottom sitting girl, and ended with the girl in the upper-left corner. By the time I finished her body, I didn't want to draw her head, so I just moved it to the side and added a "CHOP!" All of a sudden, I worried it would come across as a sexist chop, so I went back to the first drawing and took off the head of the male figure there, too. And since I had a culprit with a sword, I decided to call her design The Chopper's Costume.

The last page was me drawing lots of legs and feet, just trying to impart some thoughts about the way I draw feet to Jon. I thought I'd include it, in case someone, somehow, found a way to derive information from it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Hate Unicorns.

My apologies for less-frequent updates. Life has been busier with an awesome new someone in my life, so my previous "update night" has been steamrolled somewhat. But "draw night" is still in full swing, so no complaining.

The first drawing is from a couple weeks ago, and I've been cramming more figures onto a single page, so it ends up feeling like less art. Well, that, and there probably is less art. But I wanted to focus a bit more on the female form this go 'round. The spread pose in the upper-right might seem like much, but I avoid positions like it too often, so I just went for it. Someone at the table was reading some artist's sketchbook and pointed to a very curved leg in standing position they liked, so I did one of my own (connected to the disconnected male head), and the girl with the bunny-hop hands needed a hat, so I asked Tom to for an environment-hat, and he obliged (thank you, Tom). I added the clouds around it.

Next up from that night was some inks by Ryan Ottley on a drawing from the week prior. I of course love it when he or any other drawing pal decides to ink some of my pencils. It's really neat to see the way they interpret the lines. And the drawing was so weird to begin with that it doubled my pleasure. DOUBLED!

I was more prolific last week, with poop if not quality. I just started with a bunch of little sketchy figures while I caught up with folks. My favorite drawing was the guy that fell asleep waiting for me to draw him. And my least favorite is the unicorn, because I hate unicorns. A lot.

Next up was this twisted figure. If I remember correctly it originated as a pose from Ottley. I asked him to give me an "Alan Tew" pose, and he came up with something pretty twisted. When I tried to shape it into a "real" form best-I-could, I gave him a questionably turned leg. I can stand up and make my leg swing that way, but it looks pretty wonky with the rest of the body so straight. But I decided to leave it and post it for all to see. Silly me.

I really enjoyed the drawings on this page. They were a lot more flowy. I started with the cartoon head with the Rachel Summers Phoneix-scars on its face. Next was the weird little fella with the half-tendon face, probably drawn while we were talking about Bodyworlds (in town at the moment) at the table. Then came the bald fella, who had a fun, angular look, and lastly the long-fingered gal on the left.

And last up was this strange fellow. I drew him right before we bailed for food. Not too many lines, a lot of flowing, and a bit of a weird look. Not sure what else to say.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Worst Thing About...

This week began with Ryan and I swapping poses to pencil in. My ability to take a really cool pose from Ryan Ottley and make it into something so horrifying is kinda fascinating, really. Inspiration for this drawing comes from the pose itself (of course), and Dave Chisholm talking about rollerblades.

The drawing of the guy in the second drawing was actually the first drawing of the evening before Ryan and I swapped poses. And to balance out the guy-bits, I decided to do some girl-bits. Usually when I do fast poses it's always guys, so I thought this would be a nice change-of-pace. I should do more of this sort of thing, methinks.

The third pic was a stream-of-consciousness drawing that really weirded me out. I just thought of this white, stretchy, clothy guy with a wig on, and just kept farting around with it until his body was finished. Then I added some bubbles, and threw in the fish. At least, I think it's a fish.I thought a skull in the eye of the fish would be more interesting than just random reflections.

The last drawing was just something I doodled on my kitchen counter before heading out to work one morning. It was sitting there with the other drawings, so I scanned it in for all to see.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Minds...

I'm curious what karmic disaster awaits me after getting three awesome coloring jobs from folks in the same week. This was the most awesomest of surprises. The first is from Tom Scholes, our drawing night regular. I'm just so happy he chose to bless HairdoodZ with his mighty powers. His name will live on in infamy.

Adam Ford chose a rather obscure drawing and dressed it up into the masterpiece you see here. I absolutely love the tattoos, and the addition of a fabulous mustache. If you aren't already familiar with Mr. Ford's fine talents, I recommend doing so.

And just when I thought I was the most fortunate fella around, another color work popped up, this time from Dario Reyes. He did it in a more comic style, which is appropriate given the character is from Dave Chisholm's Let's Go to Utah comic. I'm not sure whether Dave imagined blond hair, but it's so cool to see popping off the page.

Thanks sooooo much! I adore seeing this stuff colored...

Multi-Week Miscellany

It's been a couple weeks since a proper update, but both draw nights produced skim offerings. I decided to post them along with a random doodle while waiting around at the office. First up is the office doodle, done with a ballpoint pen lying around. Not much to say about it since I was burning time, but there ya go.

Next up is the results of last week's drawing night. I had a really fun time, and just crammed all of the figures into one page, so it might be a little more anemic than normal, but there's fun stuffs to look at. I remember particularly enjoying the skull-looking figure, where I erased out all of the body lines that were present in the black of his costume. In the end, I thought he looked a bit like a Castle Crasher's character by Dan Paladin, but maybe that's just me. I also really enjoyed the fish-head for some reason, and maybe my favorite on the page is the goggle-bearing goat-boy (not sure why that's his name, it just fits) with the hearts behind him. Fun stuffs.

The offerings from this week were definitely meager, though. Roz showed back up after a trip to South America and some hide-and-go-seek at school, and catching up caught more of my attention. Still, I really enjoyed the dude with the 'stache and the weird hairdo. He looks both ugly and stylish to me somehow. I had Roz doodle in the dotted-line bubble, and she did more freeform stuff. The other stuff on the page was Dave explaining how some of the music-writing symbols work (he was composing that night), and me explaining ("path/goal") to someone my take on the advantage and disadvantage of optimistic and pessimistic outlooks on life. Fun to yap about, but doesn't make for the most interesting doodles. I'll make up for it with others' work (more colored sketches coming!).

Friday, August 29, 2008


I didn't get through too many drawings this week; I got to drawing night a bit late and wanted to leave a bit early to watch Dave play some trumpet in his band. He's freakin' amazing! Seriously! I was content just doodling endlessly on one page. The first stuff was the regular old spiky-haired fella holding the girl, followed by the weird cartoony guy with the wiggly ears, and that was followed by a whole bunch of figures. I enjoyed sharing them with Jason Kim (!!!), who decided to join us tonight, because he always does these killer figures at work. I hope he comes back for more. I particularly liked the guy lying on his stomach, and the other guy with his back facing the viewer. Figars aer fun!

Numbah two was something I started and never finished. There wasn't any meat to it, but I decided to date it and put it up anyhoo.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Contemplative Projectile Aliens

I'm starting this week with older updates. I think it was a week ago I did this collab with Tom, but he had the drawing and was being all lazy-scanner fella, so I yoinked this drawing and another little guy (see below) from him. I know in this drawing I felt like I was ruining his beautiful drawings with a figure that never really worked, but after enough fudging I decided it was passable.

And now for the super-exciting stuff. Dave said he would ink the babylanche and he came through! It's so much fun to see stuff inked, and that was especially true with this drawing. I was curious how he would fill in some of the sketchy details that I just mooshed in there, and he did a great job that I hope enjoy too.

So my stuff this week began with the pointy-headed fella on the left, followed by the bald guy on the bottom. I was just going with the flow, and I wanted to come up with a way to combine them. The smoke was used to tie them together, but I started describing it to Virginia as a Nightcrawler teleportation effect and used "BUMF!" to make give it a impressively original spin. With powers brought to the mix, I thought it would be interesting to make the first character an actual superpower. Fun. The kid at the end with the cape was just me idling with a pencil.

Next up was another quicky with Tom. Actually, I'm not sure if it was actually next up, but that's the order I scanned it in, so there. I added a figure on a swing to one of his trees, and ruined another beautiful piece of artwork. (Why do I feel guilty for doing collabs with Tom?!? Weird.)

I wanted to do a unibrow on a girl, and this was the result. I think I tried to mix a few less idealized features with some pretty ones, and I like the drawing in the end. I'm not sure why she has hair coming from her hand, except to setup my signature in a weird way.

Last up was another doodling-figures-while-drunk drawing that I did at the pizza place. I don't know why quick figures go with drunkedness, but I thought these fellas were interesting, with their pointy limb-ends. I can see doing more of them later.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tonight was a fun draw night. I only got through a couple drawings at the coffee shop, but we continued doodling at the sushi place, so I was able to squeeze a couple more fun drawings in. I think the mood of the crew was really good, and it was a fun turnout, including a few "occasionals," like Brent and Virginia Critchfield, and a guy named Jeff that I still don't know that well. Anyway, I did a collab with Tom, but don't have the results of it. Hopefully he'll post it on his doodle blog. The other coffee shop drawing is the babylanche drawing. After doodling the girl, I just felt like drawing her slipping on a landslide of babies, and my wish is my command. It was a fun one, and Dave Chisholm sez he's gonna ink it next week. That would be sweeeeet!

But I really enjoyed the sushi restaurant-doodles, too. The first doodle of the girl had really fun hair, a cool angle, and fun fingers; it was just a flowy drawing. And I tried to keep the flow with the next guy, who had to be a vampire. After doodling him, I imagined him looking best underwater, so I add some bubbles and fishies, and was a slave to my wishes once again; what a taskmaster.

I wanted to get off one last drawing before bailing, so I squeezed this one out before we took off. His legs are almost fawn-legs, but that's cool by me. I wanted to keep drawing, but I decided it was a better idea to get some sleep for an evening with hawtness tomorry.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

!tghiN sdrawkcaB

This was a fun draw night. I downed three beers before arriving, and I was completely loopy when I arrived. I started by doodling a really big head thinking it would impress everyone at the table, and Dave offered to ink it! What a bunch of rad; I thought it turned out awesome. He added a bunch of menace and kicked it up a notch. I really like all of the lines he added around the eyes, and I like the way he made the fingers and hand look. I just like inks, and wish I could be better at them without putting in the time. ;-)

I included two versions of the next page, one rotated 180-degrees, to show all of the madness that went on. I started drawing lots of little figures like the last time I was drawing with a buzz, and got through the first two (the spiky, dark-haired yelling guy and the fella to the right of him) when I needed to use the bathroom. While I was out, Ryan drew the guy beneath the spiky, dark-haired yelling guy to see if I would recognize whether I drew it. It threw me for a loop for a second, but I wasn't that out of it, and so I added the lady holding his hand. Later, Ryan drew her head in and made her saying something funny. I think I drew a couple more peeps (the guy to the right of the girl, and the one on the bottom of the page stomping or something) and then handed the page over to Gheybin asking for something superhero-like, and she said all she could do was a guy flexing. She gave me a stick figure, though, and I filled it in. At this point, Hannah showed, but she was just hanging out, so I got her to give me a series of stick figures, all of which she drew upside-down on the page. You can inspect her stuff with the flipped version of the art. Last up was a "man-mer" inspired by the "mer-maid" I made out of one of Hannah's stick figures. Oh, and Ryan showed me how to draw the Kool-Aid guy.

So Dave had a really neat pen that he used to ink my drawing, and I got to fiddle around with it. It clicked better than other brush pens I've used, and it looked really similar to what Paul Pope used to create my Con sketch. I might have to fiddle with it more later, because it was rather fun to use.

Next up was a squiggle Hannah seemed to give me out of nowhere (or I don't remember asking for it.) I inked the line so I could remember it, and you can see that I still have no control over the inks, really. I kept spinning the page trying to see if I could come up with a cleverer use of the line, but I ended up doing something rather similar to my last squiggly awhile back. It was a fun drawing.

We kept drawing at the sushi place, and Gheybin let me use her blue pen. I screwed up the guy's hand, so I decided to make it a "thought" and tried again. While I was doodling, Gheybin showed us her art-book, where she writes backwards when she gets really frustrated. I was completely intrigued by it, and wondered how well I could write backwards. I thought I did well even though I would screw up my "d"s and "b"s a lot. So I added some backwards text, and even signed my name backwards. I included a mirror of the drawing so you could see how I fared.

The last page was a fun disaster. Gheybin asked for a drawing of her, and I was too intimidated to draw anything other than something simple. (She's the one in the thought-bubble.) Then Dave asked me to do him, and I went for a simple version of him, too (with glasses, in center). I feel like I screwed up his lips, though, which is a bummer, since I think they are one of the more interesting things about his look. So he grabbed the page and did one of me (left of him, with bags under eyes). When he handed it back, I decided to give myself a meatier body, and added hair at Ryan's request. Everyone was laughing at the weirdness on the page, and asked me to do Dave's body, so I made him extra skinny (he is wiry), and then put my arm around it. Dave kept saying "beautiful," so I added it as a word bubble. Dave then mentioned having a sheen on my body, so I added the sparkles. And then, to get a laugh out of everyone, despite my arm being around Dave, I decided to have me thinking about Gheybin, and drew the thought-bubble around her. After that, I tried to draw a mean guy for Ryan that had a mouth that reminded everyone of Beaker, which compelled me to draw my best beaker and doctor (name?) from memory. Dave did a Kermit from memory that was impressive, so I added a body, and then tried Cookie Monster (but messed up a bit). The last one I tried was Gonzo, but couldn't figure it out. The higher Gonzo Dave was much better. The end result is a mess, but making it was very fun.

Paul Pope!

I wanted to meet up with Dave at Comic Con and knew he was trying to see Paul Pope, so I headed over, expecting him to be in a long-ass line. I absolutely love Paul Pope, but avoid lines altogether, and when I got over there, Dave was nowhere to be found because he'd come and gone; Pope only had three people in front of him! I completely flipped out. How could so few people be waiting in line to see him?!? The world is weird. So I begged Emi -- who graciously tagged along -- for some paper, and got the world's best con sketch from him. Pope said it was a character he had dreamed up in high school, but I bet he had know idea his character's fork would have things to say about me.

Naked Wolverine!

On a later night at the con, we found ourselves doodling again, and nudity was in effect, perhaps because Cory Walker made a comment to me (that day?) about my lack of shyness around "man-wang," or something to that effect. I had to celebrate. First up was some warm ups, a fella in his birthday suit that had his hands positioned for "numbchuck" action (so I added 'em), and another kinda cool pose that was kicked up a notch with a dash of scrote, thrown in with a BAM!

The next page started innocently. I drew a guy (left) with up-sweeping, left-to-right lines on his face that ended up looking a bit like Wolverine. Someone commented on it, so I drew a "real" Wolverine in the upper-right. And since his costume annoys me and hair doesn't, I decided in the buff was best. But there were no ladies in the mix, so I tried to fix the problem while drawing a woman leaning on one straight leg, since someone in the room mentioned having a hard time drawing that and was curious how we did it.