Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Ladies

On Tuesday we had Rachel Hunter, her lovely husband Derek Hunter, Ryan Ottley, and his lovely acquaintance, Tom Scholes. I decided I wanted to do ladies tonight and started with the little head at the top-middlish part of the page. Since we draw at a cafe, I sometimes look around to use hairstyles from the people around us, and I just filled in the outline without adding necessary shapes inside of it. The next sketch was me trying to do a sort of clean, pretty, tom-boyish, punk-type and I liked the way she turned out. I also liked the one on the right; she was kinda slumpy and when I exclaimed, "Slumpy for the win!" I caught the attention of a nice girl next to us that chatted for a bit and gave me and Rachel her card (thanks for instigating that, Ray), so that was a highlight. The last doodle on the page was the girl in the upper-left. She was looking real boyish at first, so I tried to go-with-but-save-it by froofing up her hair and hoped breasts would seal the deal.

The next page was an experiment in twisty. I like seeing how flesh and limbs can hide things and get squishy and it's fun to think about how breasts in particular get squished. I was enjoying the whole deal and got as far as the torso, arms, and hips, but Rachel needed sushi so we bailed. I finished up the drawing the next morning, and added the string and weird stuff right before scanning in the drawing just now. The little bit of text probably comes from all of the "scientific humanism" stuff I like reading about, and the sharp mouth comes from work my roommate is doing on a title font for a game we're working on. I thought it might have been too scary so I added a bow, too.

If Caroline ever reads this, I apologize for always getting silly on sake when I meet you after drawing. You should come over before-hand one of these nights and doodle with us. :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pose Swapping

I had a drawing session last night with Ryan Ottley, Tom Scholes, and Jon Diesta. Derek Hunter and his wife, Rachel stopped in just to say "hi," and later on, we were joined by Jeff Chapman and a really nice buddy of his who I've met before and whose name escapes me (I need to quit doing that).

Anyway, things started off with the usual goofing off. Since I had built up about a two month beard (shaved today) I had to have a dude with a beard on the page. Ryan Ottley asked about how I approach heads and threw one out (upper-right corner) to give him an idea. I will approach heads a bit differently depending on whether I am starting a drawing with the head or need to put a head on an existing body, because I used to have a really hard time getting the size of the head right when doing the latter.

After that page, we decided to do some pose-swapping. This is really fun to do just because my drawings are usually in repose or all twisty and weird, and Ryan, for example, has such a super heroey style that doesn't come naturally. So we each traded some sketched up poses and filled them in with our own interpretations. On the second drawing, Tom put some abstract shapes in for a background, Ryan did the poses for the two people hitting each other, and Jon added the demon pulling on the one guy's hair. I roughed in the sketch and thought it was fun, and handed it back to Tom to shade in, because he usually does these little grayscale thumbnails of environments when he comes to draw, and I thought it would be nice to flesh out. But I think it was a mean request since the page was so big and it was so "liney," which isn't his cup of tea. So I think it got a little messy but it's still fun to see. Oh, and I went crazy with a penis, again. Yay, me.

Ryan had another pose lying around, so I asked Tom to fill in the background with his abstract scenery shape-things, and I threw more doodley stuff down. You may be able to still see some of the original pose lines on the drawings. I think the tentacle guy was just another humanoid, but I thought the vaguely piratey fella should punch something with tentacles. Is it wearing pants, or does it just have pant-like legs???

Finally, things were topped off with a little more last-minute goofing.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I went out drawing on Tuesday night with Manfred, Tom, Matt, Ryan, and a couple guys I hadn't met before: Tyler Kirkham, and another fella whose name escapes me. The last time we went out was sometime in mid-December so it was a lot of fun.

The first drawing was standard. I liked the guy with the big beard because of the tuft of hair poking from the back of his head.

Manfred showed us a bizarre picture of a guy with a little head in his hair. Manfred is fun to have around because he really lets his brain go into whatever weird territory it wants to, and he was excited because he and a friend had come up with a new product, Hairdoodz. My understanding was that you could put a Hairdoodz in your hair and style its hair so you had two hairdos at once, which sounded pretty cool, but I misunderstood; you're supposed to weave your hair through the Hairdoodz head so your hair become its hair.

But it was too late; I had made progress on my misconception. I tried to think of what kind of dude best represented the Hairdoodz lifestyle. After doodling the guy, I decided accessories were a must, and added my own invention, the iBoat.

The next picture started with a guy whose head was made of that weird, orange, hardened marshmallow peanut Easter egg candy stuff. The one after began as someone with so much hair that his hairdo made him look like a monkey, but it went a different direction. Thinking back to Hairdoodz, I imagined everyone would always say, "Hairdoooood!" around him. I thought this would get old fast, so I decided he hated Hairdoodz and needed a t-shirt that made this (not really) obvious. The hair-genitalia was a final touch of class. Oh, and flying hair. I love flying hair.

And finally, with all of this branding going on, Tom brought up Tacocat. He mentioned that "tacocat" was a palindrome but it didn't register consciously; when I excitedly revealed that "tacocat" was a palindrome a few seconds later, he didn't seem very impressed. I had to bust out one last lazy-drawing, so I drew up a logo for Tacocat and made stick-Tacocat, which turned out amazing. First I drew the head, and then a taco around it, and then I had Tacocat say "Fuck you," and then I decided that having no regard for composition was a good marketing hook for Tacocat, and then I signed the masterpiece as largely as I could. Exciting, huh?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bamboo sensitivity

Painter X came in the mail so I gave the Bamboo sensitivity a whirl, and I could not tell the difference between it and the more sensitive Intuos. I'm sure others can tell, but this is one of those cases where it seems nice to be lo-fi.

Oh and drawings will appear, I swear! I have a drawing night tomorrow, and I need to test my scanner.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bamboo = gud

I bought a new Wacom tablet to remove smudges from old drawings and decided to try the Bamboo. So far, I'm happy! I still need to test its sensitivity (it has 512 levels vs. the Intuos' 1024) but I doubt I will notice a difference since I haven't used a tablet in years.

Now it's time to organize and scan a stupid number of drawrings.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

First! was old and needed a change. It feels weird even though the format is so similar but it's easier to update and I have a working scanner again, so yay.