Thursday, February 21, 2008

Butt Dinks and WTF Hair

This first drawing was done during a meeting at work last Friday on the back of one of those daily desk calendar papers. I have this horrible pen that I hate that only spews ink about half the time I write with it in a notebook that Disney gave me, and I tried testing it on another piece of paper. I thought the almond eyes on the right fella looked nice, but the cartoons chasing each other on the shirt of the other guy make me so happy. I have since tried three other pens on the Disney notebook and decided that it is a demon notebook that rejects all ink. Bleh!

On Tuesday night it was just Scholes and Ottley joining me, the studs. I thought my "warmup page" turned out nicer than usual but I guess nothing fancy was going on. The first guy (top-mid) was fun because it led to a word for those lines around his head: "dinks." I think that should be a word-word because dinks make drawings so much more interesting. When I doodled the hand near the lady's nose, I imagined that it was the upper-right guy's, but liked that I couldn't tell for sure whose it was. But my favorite thing on the page was the guy with the secret message in his hair.

Ryan asked if there was a theme for the night, so I suggested we do another pose-swap, this time where we provide a pose that the other would ink so I could get in more brush-pen time. The brush pen is still real novel for me -- I'm having fun with those blacks -- but I hate inking my own stuff since I like the sketches, so inking Ryan's pose with no regard to his style was a fun workaround. (Maybe I need some of that transparency paper stuff, but I bet it'd be kinda hard to see things with the mediocre lighting of the cafe (something I worry about if I get a web cam set up).) Anyway, it's interesting to evaluate my lines; they're very thick and black, and remind me of my childhood pal Joe Abraham's first inks. I need to figure out smaller strokes. The other thing I notice is that my lines are really wobbly. If you look at the back edge of the knife it's really obvious. I need to ask Ryan if there's some trick for getting the wobblies out. Maybe I'm too old for this shit! If you're curious about the pose I did for Ryan, he posted it on his site. That guy knows what he's doing with a brush pen.

There were no dinks on the last page, but I got back to them here. I was looking around the cafe -- maybe stretching my neck -- and saw a guy on the second floor balcony with glasses who was balding but had this really uppity hairstyle. I tried to capture it, but his hair was a lot more wiry than my drawing suggests. I can't say it's a good likeness -- I didn't really get a good look at his face -- but it was fun to do. And I have no idea what's up with the hair and the gal. It's just nuts.

So Ryan was doing another Silver Surfer. He was trying to get the legs looking right and I failed when I tried to help. It inspired me to ask Ryan for another pose, this time asking for him to intentionally try to kick my ass with perspective. (You can see what I drew for him on his site.) I kinda thought he threw me a softball, so I tried going straight to inks. It looks screwy in places but it was fun. I wanted to add more to the page, so I tried to make more figures integrated in perspective with the fella I first inked. Not much respect went out to composition, so the one guy's head is completely missing. I think Tom felt bad that Ryan and I got to sign each other's pages, so he got to sign this one as a witness. Dinks may be powerful, but not as powerful as a signature from Tom.

The last drawing just started looking real... effeminate? It was fun to doodle, and seemed like the only drawing of the night worthy of the name "Supermisterawesomefancylad." But my drawings always get jealous, and I think the other supermisterawesomefancy lad begrudged the original's title. Note the ultimate dinkage in use: butt dinks.

I never really make much mention of what Tom is doing so please indulge me: he does thumbnail after thumbnail of these awesome, awesome backgrounds. I don't know if he'll post them, but definitely check out his site to see how phenomenal his work is. It just rarely overlaps with all the figure crap Ottley and I are usually up to.


Janderson said...

Great sketchs. And Thanks for the links.

Antonio said...

man you're the reason i started drawing when i saw your sketches on around 4 years ago. i'm glad you update again, and yes, tutorials would be very sweet!!!


Manny Mederos said...

Beautiful Sketches!

Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

For some reason, I'm reminded of MAD magazine illustrations when I look at the third image... the guy wearing his skivvies and carrying a knife.
I too have a problem with wobbly inked lines. I'm pretty sure that it's all in the wrist, but I'll be damned if I can control my strokes proper. If you learn any master tips, please share them!

abeoh! said...

beeba! I found it! awesome blog you got here:D

Alan Tew said...

Thanks guys. I'm enjoying the Blogger thing.

jacob: If I get any "hot tips" I'll be sure to share.

Xenozip. said...

Oh man, I really love your caricatures. I've been visiting your site on and off for years and you've inspired me a great deal. The way you show expressions and emotion and personality is phenomenal. Your art always cheers me up and gets me hype when I'm feeling down. Thank you for sharing your art with everyone.

Sebastien Gallego said...

Great drawings Alan! But hey... wait a minute... STOP DRAWING AND GO PLAY YOUR GUITAR!!!

Slacker! :)

Alan Tew said...

xenozip.: thanks a ton. I visited your sites and was overwhelmed with the how much you've analyzed 2D fighters. Do you play professionally, or are you just an enthusiast?

sebastian: your wish is my command. I do so love that guitar.