Monday, February 4, 2008

Site Plans

I thought it would be a good idea to share my plans for the site, as a way of making them a bit more concrete for me, and a way of making things more intriguing for you. Of course, there is always the execution phase, but let's start with la-la land for now. Some things on my mind that I would like to do for the site:
  • Scan & post art from 2004-2008 - I wasn't as active during this period, but there is probably a good 150 pages that I can start peppering with my other updates.
  • Bring a web cam to drawing nights - I at least wanted to experiment with this and see if there was a way to get it working. I thought it would be fun for people to see not just the doodles but how they are put together.
  • Move art from to picasa - no sense in paying the monthly fee for hosting when free works just as well, but I'd like to do this right. This means not just getting them there, but transferring comments I made over the years on beeba with them.
  • Re-scan old art - A big pain in the ass project so I can have higher-rez versions of my current scans. I only kept 100 dpi versions thus far, and it would give me a new chance to better archive them (naming convention, etc.) and prepare them to...
  • Make a big book of my doodles - for myself if no one else. I'm not much of a pack rat, so it would be nice to get rid of the pile of paper and have a neat book of drawings made through some online publishing something or other. I have no idea what outside interest there would be in a sketchbook from yours meekly, or what would be in it, but feel free to share your opinion.
  • Share some how-to's using the webcam - long ago on there was a lot of interest in tutorial-type stuff. If there is still interest, I thought this would be the way to do it. I've pretty much resigned myself to the idea that written tutorials would just take forever and never seem small enough to get to, but turning on a camera, doodling, and babbling about what I'm thinking seems in the realm of reality.
So I have no idea what the pipe-dream to reality ratio here is, but there ya go; some stuff to bug me about getting done. ;-)


Roybie said...

It's all about video tutorials... they are (almost) infinitely better than written ones.

I reckon a book would be pretty cool too.

Erik said...

I would so buy the book! I would love to see it hundreds of pages of sketches. Someone else commented before that they saved all of your drawings from Beeba. I always did too to use as inspiration. It would be so cool to have all of that in book form to fawn over and show off to artist friends.

Also, for the Picasa thing. I always find sites like Flickr (I think they are similar?) kind of a pain to navigate. But I was just told about this plug-in for Firefox that makes viewing a lot of images REAL easy, convenient, and fun:

Good luck with your plans!
-Erik Chan

Anonymous said...

i think is a really good idea the web cam for tutorials.......i have to say again i love the way you draw perspective......the human body is hard to draw it in perspective for me...

Cal Ki said...

Web cam is one thing I am definately vouching for. Seeing most of your finished art is so painstakenly difficult to mimic in terms of anatomy etc. But I believe both a written and video tutorial would be best for people of both spectrums.
This is a revolution man, all those many times i'd jump in and out of your site searching for tutorials to much dismay now the prospect is alive again!

Tom Scholes said...

*preorders big book of doodles*

Ounce said...

Wow, thats quite the list. I've been praying for that tutorial since I found out about it on your old site.I'm a fan of your style and can't wait to see all your new stuff. Just wondering whats gonna happen to when you stop paying your monthly fee?

Mark said...

Im just so happy you got a blog. You've been quite the source of inspiration for me and your plans sound really great. Even if it just comes down to posting your art regularly, Ill be more than happy.

Phil said...

Hey Alan!

I would totally buy a book from you, I've always loved your sketches over the years. Can't wait to see what happens.

keep it real :)

.M. said...

It'd be sad to see go, seeing how I still made regular checks during the years the site wasn't updated.
But hey, you're active again! That more than makes up for it. Can't wait for the tutorials.

rico said...

I work at a high end print shop and would be glad to send you some samples and help you get the book together!

email me at whoisrico at gmail dot com

Alan Tew said...

You guys rock. Thanks for the interest in the collected doodles and tuts. I bet the book is aways away, but the webcam thing could happen soon.

ounce: I won't retire until all of the drawings there exist somewhere else online. The fee isn't bothering me, but I'd like to migrate and get rid of it since a bit of work could make it unnecessary.

rico: thanks man. When I get closer I'll have to look you up.