Friday, March 21, 2008

Handful of Lizard

A modest group came to drawing night on Tuesday, including Derek, Jon, Manfred, and Tom. Warm-up was fun, but I kept being bothered by the girl on the left's leg until I marked it with a paranoid "WTF." I caught myself thinking about how my drawings almost always follow the same structure, and so I decided to see where my brain wanted to lead me, and ended up with only a mild variant of the same structure in the lower-right. Ah well.

I looked over to my right where Jon was sitting and saw that he had put in this really beautiful, flowing line and shape that I found myself wanting to draw over, so I covetously suggested that I finish the "pose" for him, and I was lucky he agreed. It was the girl in the foreground that had this nice swirly line that I think became the basis for her ponytail. And I wanted her to have a friend, so I doodled the other girl in a way that I thought blended with the flow of the other girl's lines. Jon asked where she was flying from, and I decided that the first girl was flipping her in circles. There are no swoosh lines to suggest it, but I enjoyed the thought.

My favorite of the night, though, was this kid. He had strange facial features and hair that was boring me, so I decided to add a kind of hair explosion, not caring how the hair might actually work. It was fun to doodle out his body from there, and I enjoyed the angle of the legs and feet. When I finished his right hand, I kept thinking of something he could hold, and thought some round living thing would work. As I played with the lines, it became a lizard head, and I just doodled out the body in a curve from head to tail. I liked the swirl, so I decided it was a swirl-emitting lizard. In the end, I enjoyed the drawing enough that I asked the guys to rate it on whatever scale they wanted to, and they all left very useful comments that will help shape my art in the future. It also offers proof that my friends are more vulgar than they might have you believe.


Tom Scholes said...

I am incredibly vulgar. Lepracock! Been saying that all week and getting lots of disgusted looks :)

Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

...I don't think there's much more I can say.
That's a good lizard.

Dillon Thompson said...

Tom is right you know. Every time he would catch me secretly gazing at him he would whisper Lepracock.

WyA said...

Nice! Love that little lizard too. Wish I was there, next week fo sho.

Hart1000 said...

Alan, it's great to see you back on the web!

Looking forward to yer updates.

Got time for a commission?


Daniel Andrews said...

Its cool we can sometimes get a rad pic out of some curvy lines. That last pic is hilarious.