Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kevin Keele's Alan Tew's Totoro

My buddy Kevin Keele did a painting of Totoro from my last update, but I can't figure out how to get it to thumbnail here because I'm a goddamned idiot. But rad! I wish this sort of thing happened more often. Check out Kevin's blog!


Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

Amazing. I think I'd be even less thrilled to meet it in the wild now.

Daniel Andrews said...

HAha that an awesome picture. He definitely did you justice coloring it. Really good job!

Kyle said...

Great painting! You can just download it to your desktop and then thumbnail it like a regular piece of art.

dmcgee said...

So happy to have found your new web presence! The art's as lovely as ever.

Roybie said...

The sketch was awesome, but the painting is awesome++

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff as always! Nice to see you and your bloody amazing work again after the long break. I used to check ur ol' site and it was so inspiring to see ur art.
Thanks for Sharing anf keep it up!

And not to mention u 2 did an awsome job on this brutal totoro thingy.

At the end i wanted to ask u some kinda silly question but: is it possible to contact u via e-mail or is this way of communication to bothersome?

greetings from Germany