Saturday, March 29, 2008

My First Tutorial... Thing

For the past few months, Tom has been hosting sessions where an artist from work spends an hour showing other artists tips and tricks they've picked up over the years. I'm usually caught up in meetings and have a difficult time attending, but he puts together videos I can watch later. Since I go drawing with Tom, he asked if I would be interested in hosting a session, and I agreed. Since I'm not talking about anything work-related, I thought it would be cool to put up on the web as a tutorial of sorts. It's extremely unfocused -- just me rattling off my thoughts as I doodle -- but maybe something in there will be helpful to someone. Hopefully, there will be more vids to share, and they might get more organized. The vid is compressed for Google Video, as hosting an MOV file ~700M is beyond my scope.


Janderson said...

Hi Alan!
I´ll watch this, noooo doubt.
Thanks a lot.
If you have time, you can put in a rapidshare link your hi-video. Just a idea.

Anonymous said...

Im soo glad u decided to start a blog again, i was constantly checking your old webpage since 2004 hoping for updates, but it seemed u were gone!!lol

Thanx for the great tutorial, Keep them up!! and all the good work!


Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

Hey Alan, any chance you'll be uploading those sketches you did for the tutorial?

Alan Tew said...

janderson: Doesn't rapidshare have to have a certain amount of traffic to stay active? I'd like something more permanent.

kp: Thanks kp.

jacob: Yes, they're just at work right now, and the scanner's at home. I'll do that next week.

Janderson said...

Hey Alan!
You can put your video here to share:
It´s a virtual HD (50GB). And they don´t delete.
I have some problems to see at googlevideo, I don´t know why. I will try in my work place, on Monday.
Anyway, thanks again for share :)


Anonymous said...


Thanks a million for posting this...this tutorial was beyond helpful...please please please do more!

Tom Scholes said...

Woop! When we get back to work on monday we'll figure something out for the video. If you have it at home, maybe try ? Well actually let me see if we can't get the file size down next week.

Unknown said...

i have just absorbed all your powers like megaman. your loyal public has missed you. welcome back.

Ounce said...

That was a great 1st tutorial thing! Dude you lay down awesomeness on paper with ease. This tutorial will be very helpful to me thanks for posting it.

Alan Tew said...

janderson: whether that link or another, I'll work something out soon.

anthony: yay. I'm glad a few folks are finding something of value in there.

tom: we'll figure out something. The file's only at work ATM.

delidel: aren't you supposed to defeat me in mortal combat first? NM, this is easier. And thanks.

ounce: thanks. :-)

Cal Ki said...

Great work Alan absolutely great you should definately do more, sad thing is it feels like you've shown us everything. You went over faces, shoulders, arms, muscles but i'm without a doubt sure there's more.
Also just a random question but don't artist feel weary of giving out their secrets and styles? I jnow for years now many of us have been taking some of your traits which i'm sure by now your content with but still does it bother you that you may teach us to use your every technique? Now i'm gonna stop there before you rethink the tutorials and therefore have plenty of people after my head.
Great job!

Alan Tew said...

Secrets and styles? I'm just some guy that likes to doodle. We all pick and choose the stuff to put in our "buckets" and leave out. I doubt anyone wants to just duplicate my art but god bless them if they do. The thought that a few people might be less interested in the things I have to share once the technique is deconstructed is a sad one, but if it helps someone else in the slightest way, that seems more valuable. If I was stingy with what little I know, then I would feel lousy. So more things that I could yap about include: head profiles & 3/4 view tips, hair, mouths in perspective, line choices in facial expressions, fat and resistance with hard objects, cloth, drawing action, draw-acting, women and hips, drawing exercises, and character interactions. My authority on any of these subjects is dubious, but I can share my thoughts and maybe someone will get something out of it.

Billy said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !

this was very helpful, and i'm looking forward to any more videos you will do

Unknown said...

Nice to see you've been updating, and what a wonderful video, thanks for making this! The nose diamond trick was particularly useful, I always have trouble with noses. I'd love it if you made another video covering those additional topics you mentioned, this one was great.

Jason Newkirk said...

this was great! thanks for sharing.

Phil said...

i definitely got something out of your video. I like how relaxed you are when you're drawing. That's inspiration to me. i was a bit blown away by how both our approaches are similar. "knee here...foot here"

I almost wanna try this out so i can make a video journal for myself. Hopefully I don't turn into that kid from american beauty

loving it all, man :)

j_ay said...

Thanks for sharing!
My sketchbook now has a page of “Alan Tew Notes”.

The ‘diamond nose’ is something I especially look forward to making work.

.M. said...

Being able to finally follow your drawing process and hear you as you go along ranks as the best Alan Tew experience ever.

Thanks for putting it up! I hope this is the first of many.

Kevin Keele said...

I was sorry I missed this, glad I can catch up. Good stuff.

Larry said...

Alan the video was truly inspiring.I was actually able to put it on my iPhone, I hope you don't mind. I have recently been wanting to get a group of friends together to do a Drawing Night, but what would you suggest as a good way to start? I guess in a sense I'm asking, how did you start your Drawing Nights and what kind of atmosphere is it? Is it free for all drawing or do you have like concepts floating around that everyone gives their own style too.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this. Hope to see more of these in the future

Storm McRae said...

This was awesome !!! I picked up a few tips from your lecture and you speak really well !!

As a fitness trainer and illustrator my only suggestion would be about what you consider fat and muscle. Fat doesn't collect in the forearms, what your seeing is actually muscle in a relaxed state. When you are holding something heavy or hanging you will see the forearm muscles look solid and defined, because they control your fingers.

Please post more vids !! I absolutely loved this !!!

Erik said...

You should make a DVD!
I learned so much here too.
You're so humble.
-Erik Chan

Alex Fernando Ribeiro said...

Amazing, always that it will be able, in I sat down them with tutorial wonderful as this Alan

Thank´s, thank´s and thank´s man

Alan Tew said...

billy, kiel, jason, phil, j_ay, .M., kevin, Hackrifice, Alex: thanks a ton. I'm glad there's something helpful in there. I'll try to do another sooner than later. :-)

Larry: the iPhone is a great place for it. I started draw night with Mike May many, many years ago. At first it was just me and him, and I used to update all the pics on Whenever I met other artists, I'd tell them about it, and sometimes a lot of people show up, sometimes not. But as long as you and a buddy go and it inspires you to draw, then I say that's all you need.

Storm: thanks for the tips. I apologize for leading whoever watches the vid astray; my knowledge of strict anatomy could be much better than it is!

Antonio said...

WOW thanx, i've been looking forward to this for years!!!

Amber Blade Jones said...

I agree with the masses. Please do more of these wonderful tutorials. Not only are they helpful but they are inspiring.

Neil at said...

are the other artist's videos online

Oscar Padilla said...

I really loved this stuff. That hour just flew by. I thought we had a similar creative process when it came to cheating and being lazy, lol. I hope to see more.

Alan Tew said...

antonio, satougaki, and oscar: thanks so much for the feedback. I appreciate it.

sahfed: for the most part, no, but you can visit the company's art blog and visit individual's sites to look for videos. I think Ryan Wood and Tom are the only ones with things to share.

JaimeRamirezArt said...

Thank you so much for sharing your tips on drawing. Its great to see your thought process behind your drawing. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with all of us. Im a huge fan of all of your work. Its great to see you posting again. We lost you for a while in your old website. I kept checking your old website through out the years and followed the link here. Glad your back and continuing to inspire. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more videos and your art.

Corey McCarty said...

This is truly uncanny how your drawing process is so similiar to my own.. not the style.. but the "free flowing let the drawing take you where it wants" kind of thing.
But I bet you have run into the same problems that I have.. namely.. grounding characters.. having the character interact with pre-existing elements in the environment.. etc.
I also have trouble working with a pre-conceived notion of the exact pose and perspective. If I draw a floor and walls.. and I attempt to add the character I notice that it immediatley loses the energy and movement that characterizes my other sketches.
How have you overcome these problems?.. if you had them? I think because of our similiarity in approach.. you may provide a shortcut to a major roadblock.
Thanks a ton..
Long time fan.. first time caller..

noustigres said...

I honestly had epiphany after epiphany watching your vid. I looked at tons and tons of books and for whatever reason they just didn't click with me. But watching you do it so effortlessly and listening in on your thought process and what you find the most important really helped me alot.

thank you again.

mannycartoon said...

I just now ran across your work again for the first time in years.

You were one of the first artists I found that I only knew from the net (this was about 98) and I spent a good few year trying to draw like you.

Looking at your work and the free/openness of your figures and the way you drew eyes spun me and really changed the way I saw things.

Just wanted to let you know I'm sure I want the only one paying attention.

Thanks for everything!

Kev H said...


Man, that was inspiring, awesome and wonderfully rambling! Your passion for the human form is absolutely clear (something I need to get across clearly in my work...) and your fluidity with line and weight is great. So many quick, easy, practical tips - the body as inverted bottle shapes is. Just. Brilliant.

Please do more of these, gonna have to be ANOTHER site I visit on a regular basis (I'm never going to get any work done at this rate...)