Wednesday, March 12, 2008


These drawings came from a smaller drawing night, with Dillon, Tom, Ryan, Virginia, Manfred, Brent, and a newcomer (since I started this blog) Kelly Murphy, a fellow designer at work. I guess that's not that small, but it felt so. Dillon seemed to want a little more structure on his second visit to draw night since last time it freaked him out to just sit down and draw whatever. I recommended that he just grab some character reference from online and do his own interpretations. An image popped in my head of Eric Canete's Mononoke, and I suggested to Dillon that he do something like Mononoke or Totoro. After mentioning Totoro, I had this vivid image in my head of a Totoro in the wild. Not the cute Totoro that Miyazaki depicted, but an actual Totoro, in all his fearsome glory. So when I sat down, I said that I wanted to do something with Totoro, but Ryan had never heard of it. So I drew a ridiculous Totoro from memory and Ryan suggested I ink it.

It was nice to have Tom on hand because he's a fancy lad with an iPhone, and he was able to look up actual reference for Totoro and show one of the most awesome moments from the movie to Ryan. Using his iPhone, I drew some Totoro reference in the upper-left and proceeded to do my rendition of a feral Totoro. Two thoughts crossed my mind while drawing it. The first was that this might reveal the difference between how Totoro treats little girls and little boys. The second was just that all wild Totoros are just this mean. This was a crazy fun drawing to do.

The final page was just random stuff from my head. Tonight felt a little reverse-order, where my last drawings seemed like warmup drawings. And that's it! It was a simple night.


Daniel Andrews said...

Great sketches man. I saw Ryan's version of the Foreshortened ear. I thought that was a hilarious but excellent practice piece. I'll be keeping up wit your work now that I found you blog. Cant wait to see more.

Loved that Cat bus in the video you linked. Crazy stuff.

Dillon Thompson said...

Give me all you can eat flying fish eggs. I never want to eat people food again. Best Tuesday night party ever.

Anonymous said...

deadly totoro i like it! cheers man! and thanks for the other options to comment for bloggers

Sebastien Gallego said...

This is an awesome evil Totoro drawing Alan. I really dig the composition.
You're the man!

Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

Princess Mononoke is amazing.
And your feral Totoro is pretty flippin' sweet. I wouldn't want to come across one of those in the wild!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I dig these weekly posts...ALOT.

Have you ever thought about starting a Deviant Art account? I know you have a ton of stuff from your other website--that might be a cool place to archive your old work and post your new stuff...Ryan is on there along with host of amazing artists...just a thought.

Alan Tew said...

dan-van: everyone should watch Totoro; it's got so many amazing moments in it. I'll keep the updates a-flowin'.

dillon: teh sushi is yum.

sergio; sebastien; jacob: thanks guys. I was unusually proud this one.

anthony: I've seen Ryan there but I really don't know much about Deviant art, but I'll check it out at some point.

Evan said...

These sketches are great! I've been following your work for years now (since I was in college, I think it was my first or second year when I found your site). Looking at your work always makes me smile inside, and the dynamic aspect of your sketches always inspires me.

I was really sad during the time when you weren't updating your site, but I'm glad that not only do you have a blog now, but you regularly update it. It's fantastic!