Friday, April 25, 2008

Bring it!

Colored work! Check it out. Thanks. I feel like Homer Simpson in hell.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shit in da Hood

Drawing night is pretty much my favorite night of the week, but we might have to start renting a building to host it at this rate. I'm just amazed at the level of quality present. So there's no way I'm going to remember who showed up this time, but I'll list off people as best I can: (1) guy at the end of the table who works at EA, (2) guy sitting on his right, (2) Jeff Chapman, (4) Ray!, (5) Derek!, (6) Jon, (7) Tom, (8) Ryan, (9) Dave Chisholm, (10) Manfred, and (10.5) sushi stowaway Rozz. If I forgot anyone, than I of course suck. So the conversation gets distracting, but it's all part of the fun, as long as some drawings get done. I felt like drawing something elfish to start, hence the left figure, and I kept him really lithe. Later when a co-worker saw it, he thought the face looked feminine enough that the penis really ended up bothering him. Being bothered by my drawings is just fine by me. The only goal on the next guy was having him pinching the air. (That air is so pinched now.)

After the first drawing, someone had the idea of drawing a character from Dave's comic, Let's Go to Utah. Ryan Ottley and I gave it a whack that Dave said he'd put in some upcoming issue. He's a fun guy to draw, but I think his head turned out a bit big. Ah well. Dave says he's based on a real life guy that's really skinny and really short, and I tried to keep that in mind while I was doodling it, but I think it ended up monkeying with the proportions. And I'm pissed that I forgot to put rings on his right hand fingers!

My favorite of the night was the last one. I wanted to start with a kind of fat head with raised eyebrows and the biggest frown I could muster, and I followed the flow. The flying hood really stood out, so I tried to make the rest of his coat seem filled with plenty of air, and I had fun making his legs shrink and shrink until he had really small thighs. What I think is interesting is when I glance at it, the proportions don't seem wrong to me; it would be fun to do more exercises tweaking proportions and seeing what is and isn't noticeable. When it got all done it seemed like it needed some stuff. In drawing order: the bird, candy bar, popcorn, frog, chopsticks, and taco (in lieu of a tacocat, which seemed too hard to draw quickly (we were late for sushi). All of which led naturally to a title: Shit in da Hood.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Steve James is Rad.

A new, twisty bundle of colored awesomeness just dismounted from heaven and stuck a landing on my head. Please check out my old buddy Steve James' kind gift to me. Moar plz. :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


People who color my stuff are fucking awesome. So sez me. Thanks man.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Butt Sense

What a group! Including myself, 12 different people appeared over the course of the night: Ryan, his in-law Adam (new), Jon, Derek, Rachel, Kelly, Virginia, Brent, Dave, Hannah (Dave's GF) and Rosylin (for chat). I got Dave's site so I added him to the drawing pals links. The first drawing, among other things, demonstrates what would happen if you were bitten by a radioactive ass. The first doodle is the star because he has nice toes. The second doodle likes t-shirts but hates his pants. Which would be okay if he didn't hate underwear, too. The third doodle wishes he was E.T. and hates all clothes equally. The fourth doodle has no personality and I'm not sure what his true intentions are, so he makes me nervous. But I bet if he had a thought bubble, he'd be thinking about cheesecake.

After the first bout of nonsense, I looked over jealously at a comic Derek is working on about Lobster Ladd and decided it would be a good idea to mutilate the character with my own horrible, age-inappropriate version of the character. You can tell I wasn't that happy with the results; I might try to get revenge later. That's it! I spent a lot of time yapping with folks, and I was excited about the concert later that night. Fleet Foxes were so stinkin' good, and I was shocked at how good Blitzen Trapper (whose samples I didn't particularly care for) was live. Yowsa!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bigger Tut Vid

Download the vid here.

Tom is a stud. He knew that I wanted to get a bigger version of the video up, and he did a lot of work to get a large video as lossless and as close to ~100M as possible. He ended up with something at ~150M, and even put it up on divshare for all of us. Make sure you let Tom know how cool he is!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toasterrrrr Chop!

This week, Alyssa, Manfred, Derek, Rachel, Ryan, and a couple other fellas, Cory, and... Too many names to keep track of! It was a pretty light night because I was having too much fun catching up with pals, but who gives a shit? On with the drawings! First up was some goofing off with a kind of thin fella with a grizzly beard but a nerdy haircut. I tried to play around with cross-leggedness since I was having a little trouble with it the other night. The other guy reminded me a lot of the one I did in the tutorial vid, just looking the other direction. Kinda weird. Someone said he looked like he was going to karate chop something, and I decided he wanted to karate chop his toaster, because all it does is make toast. BOOORING!

One of the new guys (Ben?) was doing this interesting stuff with inks and whiteout, and he had this funky looking character holding up a broken umbrella. I thought he was interesting, so I did my rendition of him. The original was really simple shapes, so I was curious what he might look like with a little definition. I enjoyed the head on the next guy, and I kinda felt like his fashion sense would be kind of thin and stretched-loose a bit, maybe a little like Mormon undergarments. Not sure why you need to know that, but there ya go. Oh, and Ryan said he looked like he was striking a pose, so I added a camera. Then he complained that the camera was behind him, so I explained that the camera is actually right in front of him -- perfectly positioned for a good shot -- I just drew it super badly.

The last guy was kind of a tech-like experiment but I get really short and frustrated by that kind of stuff, so I never really fleshed out the concept. I was jealous of Ryan's ladies, so I started drawing some of my own, but I was chatting too much and we ran out of time if we were going to eat sushi (woo!), so I signed the drawings, drew some poopies, and bailed. Until next week... oh wait, wait. I'm super excited because the Fleet Foxes are coming to town, so I might go to a concert next week instead of draw. We'll see...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bizarro Frog-Dog-Parrot

So the last drawing I posted kept bothering me because it reminded me of another drawing I just found. Check it out.

Tiffany Epiphany

In attendance last week: Tom, Jon, Derek, Ryan, a new artist named Alyssa Bailey (thanks for coming), and nice person we met awhile ago who sometimes drops by to say "hello" and this time even drew something awesome with us, Rosylin (sp?). If I forgot someone else, sorry. So the night before drawing I had too much fun at a Vampire Weekend concert (and bar afterward), so I was extremely tired by the time drawing came around. I think when this happens, the human body gets a little taxing for me and I tend to focus more on lines and shapes and end up with cartoony-looking stuff as a result. The ghost-bot was the first doodle of the night, and kinda set the tone of things. I also had a lot of fun with the blob-like guy with the flower lines in his forehead. He was really odd-looking, and I think it appealed to Ottley's sometimes grotesque sensibilities, so he asked if he could ink it. I never got his sig, but that's his inks; always an honor.

Continuing in the spirit of strange shapes, I doodled a couple more oddities. I liked the curly hairs over the eyebrows of the bucktoothed moustachio fella. Someone asked what caused the lines to appear around his head, so I had him think about "Tiffany," and Ryan jumped in and said that that was his epiphany. Hence the wonderful title of the piece, Gerald's Epiphany. The next shape was just me scrunching in the facial features so the character was dominated by forehead and chin. I don't know what the burst is on his chin. A shine? Hair? You decide.

I think when Roz drops by my drawings get a little sillier, too. She insists that she can't draw, so I always insist that you can still tell interesting stories even with stick figures just to encourage her artistic impulse. The process amplifies my own impulse to be creative, which always ends up in a weird place (as my 5-hour comic from 24-hour comic demonstrates). This drawing was no exception. I made a big sausage shape and started adding facial features to him. When someone asked who Tiffany was, I decided he was and put the name on his shirt. He was holding a cloud and I decided a thought-bubble would be cooler, so then I added the girl character and chose the name Rachel for her. I then drew a bunch of pointy hearts over Tiffany, and later in the evening, upon counting them, realized they'd fit the name "Rachel" perfectly. Lovely.

In the end, I finally convinced Roz to put pencil to paper, and she started drawing these really cool flowy lines. I always love watching people who don't usually do art do art because their ideas aren't pushed towards any specialization they've developed as an artist. That unfettered expression is always fascinating to me, and is one of the great pleasures of art. She let the lines flow for awhile and even signed the drawing for prosperity before she took off. I greedily turned it into a collab by making her art come out of a pipe. So sez me.

First Tutorial Drawings

Below are the drawings I did for the tutorial. The first three are new, and were done while Tom was trying to set up a good camera angle in prep for the video.