Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shit in da Hood

Drawing night is pretty much my favorite night of the week, but we might have to start renting a building to host it at this rate. I'm just amazed at the level of quality present. So there's no way I'm going to remember who showed up this time, but I'll list off people as best I can: (1) guy at the end of the table who works at EA, (2) guy sitting on his right, (2) Jeff Chapman, (4) Ray!, (5) Derek!, (6) Jon, (7) Tom, (8) Ryan, (9) Dave Chisholm, (10) Manfred, and (10.5) sushi stowaway Rozz. If I forgot anyone, than I of course suck. So the conversation gets distracting, but it's all part of the fun, as long as some drawings get done. I felt like drawing something elfish to start, hence the left figure, and I kept him really lithe. Later when a co-worker saw it, he thought the face looked feminine enough that the penis really ended up bothering him. Being bothered by my drawings is just fine by me. The only goal on the next guy was having him pinching the air. (That air is so pinched now.)

After the first drawing, someone had the idea of drawing a character from Dave's comic, Let's Go to Utah. Ryan Ottley and I gave it a whack that Dave said he'd put in some upcoming issue. He's a fun guy to draw, but I think his head turned out a bit big. Ah well. Dave says he's based on a real life guy that's really skinny and really short, and I tried to keep that in mind while I was doodling it, but I think it ended up monkeying with the proportions. And I'm pissed that I forgot to put rings on his right hand fingers!

My favorite of the night was the last one. I wanted to start with a kind of fat head with raised eyebrows and the biggest frown I could muster, and I followed the flow. The flying hood really stood out, so I tried to make the rest of his coat seem filled with plenty of air, and I had fun making his legs shrink and shrink until he had really small thighs. What I think is interesting is when I glance at it, the proportions don't seem wrong to me; it would be fun to do more exercises tweaking proportions and seeing what is and isn't noticeable. When it got all done it seemed like it needed some stuff. In drawing order: the bird, candy bar, popcorn, frog, chopsticks, and taco (in lieu of a tacocat, which seemed too hard to draw quickly (we were late for sushi). All of which led naturally to a title: Shit in da Hood.


Ounce said...

Elf dude reminds em of Link, and the guy pinching the air almost looks like hes indicating the size elf dudes johnson "It's this big" lol. Anyway great stuff man.

Tom Scholes said...

:D God I love that last one.

Anonymous said...

the big head = good

don't worry about the rings.

in the comic he's tall, but in real life he's not as tall.

in both he is super skinny.

the drawing is awesome.
thanks again!!
see you next week!

Alan Tew said...

Thanks as always guys. Comments give me the best kind of wood. I can't wait for the next drawing session.

Billy said...

since i cant seem to figure out how to email you directly(is it possible through blogger?) i thought i would leave a comment to let you know i painted over one of your drawings for some practice. be warnde though: im just starting out and still trying to get the hang of it haha. take care, and thanks for the great work. its an inspiration to me in my own work.

Alan Tew said...

Thanks. I made a post for it.

j_ay said...

Always a treat to see what you came up with for the week!