Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chaos Monkey and the Black Tie

Many thanks to all of the usual drawing night attendees. I started with the usual spiky-haired fella and noticed Rob drawing some cool skull-shoulder-things on a robot he was doodling, so I decided I wanted to incorporate a skull on my drawing. The skull and guy seemed a bit empty, so I added a monkey on his shoulder, but that made the skull look like monkey poo. Ah well, why not embrace it? Absurdities flowed with the number one hand, and it imbalanced the picture, so I made it on fire. An "okay" recovery, methinks. And the name for such a disruptive monkey? With fire? And shit? Le singe de chaos!

Going with the flow, I started doodling a fellow with a crazy mustache and gave him puckered lips. I tried to keep the curly theme going with his head hair and collar, and the image of a tie just sprung to mind. After getting his fingers all over the place, I drew in the tie but it didn't go high enough for him to be looking at it, so I made it crazy long and it looked weird, so I decided to just make it pure madness. After doodling in some weird shapes (inspired by Roz's drawing awhile ago, perhaps) I had a neat looking tie, and I added eyes and teeth for personality and finished the guy with a striped vest. The final touch was giving the tie something to say, and I decided he should be looking for Chaos Monkey, as though they have been mortal enemies for time and all eternity.

The next drawing started with the eyebrows, which were bushy and weird enough that I decided to see how a woman would look with them. I ended up with a very oval, plain face that was fun to doodle, and I just tried to carry the mood. Her hair made me think of a long, loose gown for some reason, and the whole thing was capped off with a fat lightning bolt to add that little something.

I had an image of a very pointy beard next, and wanted to have a very down-looking-up face with a big mouth. Not caring much about proportion or things being "right," I just had fun with it, chasing lines into something that I enjoyed looking at. Drawing this one was quite a bit of fun, and I especially like his right hand and his feet.


.M. said...

I added the tie drawing to the list of things I'm angry I didn't do first.

Bob Dahlstrom said...

This might seem like a silly question, but what dimensions do you usually work at?

I'm just curious.

Alan Tew said...

.m.: :-)

bob: dimensions? I draw on 8.5" x 11" printer paper and scan the drawings at 300 dpi, crop, and then scale to 100 dpi before saving out the jpg.

Roybie said...

Le singe est sur la branche!

Very nice 'down-looking-up' bearded man.

Alan Tew said...

Thanks. :-)