Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hannah was doodling some marvelous art when she announced she was thinking about drawing an elephant. Knowing someone that likes elephants, I asked if I could keep it, and started collecting named elephants from different people at the table. I didn't make it all the way around in time, but I thought I would share my collection, including an elephant of my own.

In order: 1-2. Hannah, 3. Dave, 4. Derek, 5. Tom, 6. Ryan, 7. Me, 8. Gheybin

1. 2.
3. 4.
6. 7.


WyA said...

These are fun, I hope your someone dug them. What happened to poor little "stupidbo"? He get lost?

Cal Ki said...

Oh dear Alan I feel sorry for your Elephant. Due to your complex body movements you've forced the poor giant to have to learn to contorte itself! Lovely draw night!

Alan Tew said...

Oh hell. Where is Stupidbo? *goes off to look*

Alan Tew said...

Found 'im.

Rory said...

Manfred ftw