Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Genie Fighter IV

Let's see... I remember Rob, someone Rob brought (sorry), Tom, Jon, Dave, Hannah, Derek, Ryan, Manfred (briefly), and our first cold-call artist, Chase (lovingly referred to as "Cha"). A quality evening. Dave brought more Paul Pope to the show, which I thumbed through. As usual, I just started doodling, and had a bit of fun making a hand all tangled up in another hand. When I got tired of drawing legs, I decided to just mess around with lines and shapes and ended up with a genie-looking silhouette, and I tried to give him a messed up face to match his lines which ended up adding kind of a bit-too-much-realism to the wobbly lines. I liked it, though, because how many floaty genies have hairy chests and nipples? (Maybe they all do, I don't know.) Dave said the genie looked kind of like an out of shape THB. Someone commented about how the hand on the leg made them uncomfortable, so I thought that needed to be recorded in the drawing somehow.

The second drawing was probably my favorite of the night. Some of the limbs look screwy to me, but it was just a lot of fun drawing a big mess of people. The big guy was the first drawing, and i decided to have a leg draped over his shoulder and the fun began. I imagined a dude about to eat his own foot and put his left arm where I wanted it, then added guy 2's foot, then the thigh going in, then his face, then figured out his neck and chest. Guy 3 was started with a head shape before I added the fingers holding him up by the neck, and then the rest was a fun rag doll impression. Not to be left out, Guy 4 resorted to nudity for attention. But he was a little ashamed, so he hid his head behind Big Guy's arm.

It had been awhile since I had a good Ryan Ottley pose, and I do so enjoy them, so I begged him for a good superhero classic. I still can't get over how much fun these drawings are to fill in. The guy I drew really looked like he was trying, so I needed him to be aspiring to something great ("Shoryuken!"), and I added sweat to enhance the effect. Someone likened him to Dan, which is, of course, the ultimate compliment.

Last but not least was a flowy line exercise. The arc of the back was the start of the drawing, then his front, then his right arm, then the moon shape of his head. I really enjoyed all the curls in his hair, and just let the rest flow. Add a dog tag, and it's time to call it a drawing night. Hope this week was just as fun for everyone else. :-)

Oh, and there was one more drawing, but you have to harass Jon Diesta for it because I need him to scan it.

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