Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Tuna Must Die.

There was a terrifically large crew at drawing night, which feels cool and weird at the same time. So when I sat down for doodling tonight, I began with the usual, and decided after drawing a somewhat pinchy looking hand to throw in a weird, withered plant of some sort. It eventually turned into a banana weed (because we all know exactly what a banana weed is, don't we?). I enjoyed giving him a skinny/flabby physique not unlike my own. I wanted to add a girl for him to look at, and she seemed pretty slouchy, so I was just going to make her groaning. I added one more "U" than I wanted, though, and it looked like that would make her sound like Butthead, which bothered me. So rather than have my fella comment on her droning, I decided that the "U"s and "H"s were binary code referring to the banana weed we all know and love. Last up was just a weird, weird looking dude. The fabulous Dave Chisholm (who I bought some comics from (thank you, Dave)) pointed to a drawing that looked nothing like me and said it was me, so I decided to have revenge. Last came the fog with evil eyes in it. I don't know why.

My favorite doodle of the night, though, was of a fair naked lady sitting on an octopus. Her face and weird 'do were first up, then the body, and once I had the sitting pose, I thought I should have her sitting on some kind of animal. I don't remember exactly how an octopus came up, but octopuses are pretty much my favorite animal, so I gave it a whack. Brent Critchfield offered some reference, but it's kind of fun to just feel out a likeness and see how badly you did later. I find it curious that we all know an octopus when we see it, so it's fun to just throw down lines until your brain says "yup," and just "feel" out an animal; sort of like the elephants last week. Anyway, add a little evil intent (depending on your view of tuna) and 8 tentacles on an octopus' word bubble (of course!) and voila!

In the next drawing, the guy with the rag came first. I wanted to have some dingleberry chasing after the rag but he turned out awful. Even a super-lazy "RAR!!" couldn't save it, so my last ditch effort was making a smiley face out of the exclamation point dots. That does it, right?

Before I took off and ditched all my friends at dinner time (sorry, guys) I wanted to do one more quicky, so I drew the head of a girl. That wasn't satisfying, so I added an upper body and some dinks around her head. But I needed something she was reacting to, so the word "BURRITOS!" seemed like a good thing to add. But then it was so empty, so I had to add an actual burrito to frame the letters. The lower-body just seemed necessary at that point. The chronology of a weird drawing. Weird indeed.


Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

I had burritos for lunch just now... and when I saw them I think some dinks went off around my head. So that impression of a chick reacting to a burrito is pretty much spot-on.

Anonymous said...

we missed you at sushi.
tew's-day isn't the same without you!

i hope you dug my comics.


Roybie said...

Awesome octopus.

Alan Tew said...

jacob: we are lucky whenever we eat a burrito.

dave: yeah, sorry I wasn't there. I felt like a douche, but had a good time. I'll be there this week. And I dug the comics. My roommate read 'em and liked em too.

roybie: thanks man. Makes me happy. :-)