Friday, May 2, 2008

Upside-Down Collab

OK, I'm chilling on the attendee list this week because my memory is going bad. But it was another full week of good fun. So Dave Chisholm (hopefully got his name right this time) brought all of his Paul Pope paraphernalia because he found out I am a gigantic (left) Pope-nut. I think it got me in the mood for longer, flowy lines, and it initiated the first drawing of the night. The guy simply had to have something coming out of his mouth, so I had him start to moo, which seemed boring, so I turned it into zomgie lingo.

The guys brought in a couple brush-pens, and this was my test page with the first of them. Derek Hunter had a little pen with a squiggly end that seemed too long and uncontrollable and full of ink to me. I tried dorking around with it, but I couldn't get it to behave, so I gave up pretty quickly. And I just love sharing ass; mi ass, su ass.

So let's see... Next up was another floaty dude. You say, "Wow, Alan! I can't believe you drew another naked floaty person with foreshortened limbs," and I'm all like, "Shoosh, douche!"

Then Ryan Ottley let me try another brush-pen of his. It was a lot different than Derek's, and more controllable for me. The tip was tighter, but I had a difficult time creating those line-ends that just disappear to a tiny fine point. I definitely preferred the pen Ryan had (perhaps obvious), but it still wasn't just right. I'm sorta like Goldilocks, but more of a bitch.

The last drawing before the upside-down collab was just some fun. I kinda enjoyed the upper-right turning into a sleaze in my mind just by giving him a fancy low-buttoned silk (again, in my mind) shirt and a hairy chest that lead to some bullshit facial hair. Even as I type that, I marvel that a drawing can generate such pleasure and ire at the same time. And the guy on the bottom was really fun for me; not sure why. I just liked his particular brand of style / ugliness. He works it in just the right way.

And last up was the weirdest shit in awhile. Everyone was packing up for sushi when Derek (across the table from me) decided to start a new drawing. In frustration, I started doodling on it so he could get it done quickly and we could snack on fish + rice, but I was upside-down. I encouraged him to keep drawing, so basically we drew this one at the same time. So some highlights: (a) I started doing arms in a different place when Derek did the hands, so I turned the arms into a sweater. (b) I thought he had a cat tail in his right hand, so I started drawing the back-legs of a cat then drew its butthole, at which point Derek had a grasshopper fly out of it, and then he made it into the bottom of the character, and added that oh-so very impressive member. I liked that the little guy has a similar expression to the main fella. A totally intriguing disaster of a drawing, aka BEST. COLLAB. EVAR.


WyA said...

Cool! I totally wanna get in on some of that upside-down action!

Alan Tew said...

Let's make it happen.

Cal Ki said...

More mind boggling stuff. Alan i'm a little disappointed that you stopped updating your STUFF page I always click on it just incase you've brought in something new since the awesome "capital punishment." I'm the worst here coz I keep saying "do this do that draw those etc!"

Alan Tew said...

Baby steps. I like brain-spew and plan to try to get in a regular swing on that blog, but for the moment I'm just happy to be updating drawings regularly. ;-) And I appreciate the pokes.

Cal Ki said...

Much obliged sir.