Sunday, June 29, 2008

Batman and Hairy Arm Lady

Sorry about the late update. It's weird... I felt like the last drawing night was pretty fruitful but there really weren't many drawings. I spent forever with the first doodle of Batman. Ottley was there and he is, of course, good at drawing superheroes whereas I always feel like I do a bad job them; they just don't come naturally. I fiddled and fiddled and fiddled with Batman but he just kept look really corny and weird to me. The end result looked better than a lot of the in-betweens, but still... meh.

The second page was a little more fun for me; it's just random stuff as usual. The first fella was the one with the long hair, then I drew the next guy from his left hand, which I really liked. Next up, I think, was the guy on the bottom-right, who got a treasure trail after Ryan drew a stubby-haired chin-treasure trail (just visit his site to see that madness). I disapproved, since I love drawing longer hair. Last up was the lady friend. She was fun to doodle, and her arm blended nicely into the guy's hair, so I embraced the weirdness there. Then it looked like the hand guy was trying to claw at her chest, so I went with that, too.

Oh, and I wrote a message on the guy's arm so I wouldn't forget. I need to burn some Fleet Foxes for Dave Chisholm to give a listen. They're freakin' amazing.


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It's burned, baby. Comin' your way tomorrow.