Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mr. Grumpy-Pants

I was in an unusually terrible mood last draw night. Arriving, I didn't plan to draw anything, but I managed to get out some unfocused doodles, some of which reflected my mood. First up was some stuff I did on a scrap piece of paper with Derek's pen. Angry brows, gritting teeth, storm clouds, and dark eyes. That was a good reflection of all the irkness inside-a-me.

The next one may look worse than I meant it. Rachel drew a guy sitting down and I wanted him to be sitting on someone, so I doodled in the guy beneath him, but someone else at the table reasonably asked whether the guy on top or bottom was the aggressor. I leave it for you to decide.

Another loosey-goosey drawing. I rather liked this one.

And a final loose one before I left early. I think I bummed some people out taking off so early; my apologies.


Anonymous said...

something i never really understood..
why sign sketches?
or are you planning to sell them?

Alan Tew said...

I got in the habit when I began dating drawings for posterity. I like having a chronological order, and the signature made the date feel less lonely, and a part of the drawing as a whole.

Anonymous said...

great sketches, like always! :) i've only known of this new blog of yours just recently (always have been a big fan of, and i am extremely excited to see you doodle more! keep 'em coming man! XD

Rory said...

I'll have something awesome colored for you in three weeks. I promise.

Alan Tew said...

sfakhar: nice to see you, too. :-)
rory: right on, man! Thanks!

SEILER said...

Great sketches!!!

Ounce said...

Great stuff as always. Two questons please...

1. Any idea when we can expect another Tewtorial?

2. What happens to all your artwork? Like all the stuff from the beeba site and draw night stuff.


Alan Tew said...

jason: thanks. :-)

ounce: (1) hopefully soon? Through work is the easy way to do it, but I'm insanely busy with design right now. Feel free to harass Tom Scholes to harass me about it. ;-)

(2) It gets piled up in my closet at home. It's a big, heavy pile that sucks to move. I still have this insane idea that I will re-scan everything at a higher rez so I can make a big book and ditch the originals. I am the opposite of a pack rat.