Thursday, July 10, 2008

Far Hairz

I missed Derek, Ray, and Ottley this week. It was another very flowy night. Lately it has been fun to try letting go a little to see what comes out of it, and I've been enjoying the results. I started with this stinky critter's slanted eyelids, burgeoning eyes, and spiny skin. I enjoyed making his floppy ears, his spiny protrusions, and the flies surrounding him. I focused a lot on line edges while he was being doodled, and filled in details after the fact.

Pic two was also started with the eyes. I particularly enjoyed giving him his bow-legs, and I liked having a cat, dog, and then mouse all in one pic. Bandit cat and gun dog are cool. And "far hairz" is yokel for "fire hairs." The text was just there to wrap it all together with some loose theme.

I started this just trying to draw a pretty yet somewhat unusual gal, and after she was finished I was jokingly asked if she had a sister, so I added her sister. Super sisterz foreverz.

My last pic at the cafe was a quicky before going out to eat. I liked his expression, and that he thinks his stars are awesome, but they really aren't that great. I showed this drawing to our hostess when we went out eat later, and she was unimpressed by his stars. She wanted to show us how good she was at drawing stars, and the top two are hers.

After we ate I still felt like doodling, so I drew a hairy elf-guy running. He's a stinker. I like hair.

Last up was a lazy one after drinking for a bit. I was a little buzzed, and I just let go. The head is quite assy, but I enjoyed all the figures.

I think I see more humor getting back into my drawings. That makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

Nice sketches Alan! Wish I was there, catch you next week!

Ounce said...

Great stuff, the buzz drawings are my favorite.

arnie said...

you know Alan, i realy appriciate your skillz you've honed. between you and Wya, you keep me inspired to improve my work.

peace out

Anonymous said...


Alan Tew said...

Thanks guys. I like knowing someone appreciates the posts.

Dave, indeed.

Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

Epic. I enjoy it when you post many drawings.

Sam Nielson said...

I really like that spiny monster and the girl peering through the goggles. It's always fun to see your updates.