Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hairy Dragginzes

This week I wanted to see if I could "follow my nose" a little and break out of the usual style. I started with the eyes of the long-eared rodent, and when I got to his neck, I started seeing him in a space suit. I had no reference, but I vaguely remembered drawing a space suit a long time ago, and now it's fun to see where the differences are. I wanted an evil eye to start the next part of the drawing, and after following lines the eye became part of a hairy dragon. I didn't bother too much with defining its shapes, and just had a lot of fun with the hair. I love hair. Long body hair is really fun to draw.

Next up were some big-eyed girls. I had no idea what Jon Diesta was drawing next to me, but I think Ray mentioned something about cartooning with him, and it made me want to try something a little more cartoony-looking, and that's why they turned out the way I did. Girl number two had a weird pose that was fun to draw.

So I find that when I draw consistently for awhile, I start wanting to push out of the norm a bit, and even though I assume it still looks very much like my work, to me cartoony guys, dragons, and big eyes are different. I'm not sure if it's consistent drawing nights or if it was just a hiccup, but the difference was fun.


Cal Ki said...

I say Alan your outlines are crazy it kinda makes the drawings seem as though their moving, how'd you discover how to do that? Coz when I look at the scary marsupial it seems like you went around the outlines once or twice.
Great job.

Alan Tew said...

Not so much a discovery so much as just roughing in, deciding on, then highlighting edges and such. All a happy accident. :-)

Anonymous said...

Disneyland tickets!

Alan Tew said...

So demanding!