Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tonight was a fun draw night. I only got through a couple drawings at the coffee shop, but we continued doodling at the sushi place, so I was able to squeeze a couple more fun drawings in. I think the mood of the crew was really good, and it was a fun turnout, including a few "occasionals," like Brent and Virginia Critchfield, and a guy named Jeff that I still don't know that well. Anyway, I did a collab with Tom, but don't have the results of it. Hopefully he'll post it on his doodle blog. The other coffee shop drawing is the babylanche drawing. After doodling the girl, I just felt like drawing her slipping on a landslide of babies, and my wish is my command. It was a fun one, and Dave Chisholm sez he's gonna ink it next week. That would be sweeeeet!

But I really enjoyed the sushi restaurant-doodles, too. The first doodle of the girl had really fun hair, a cool angle, and fun fingers; it was just a flowy drawing. And I tried to keep the flow with the next guy, who had to be a vampire. After doodling him, I imagined him looking best underwater, so I add some bubbles and fishies, and was a slave to my wishes once again; what a taskmaster.

I wanted to get off one last drawing before bailing, so I squeezed this one out before we took off. His legs are almost fawn-legs, but that's cool by me. I wanted to keep drawing, but I decided it was a better idea to get some sleep for an evening with hawtness tomorry.



Unknown said...

the last guy's gotta be some kind of underwater faun guy plunging into the deeper fathoms since the vampire above him took all the good fish. they're like underwater satyrs from Atlantis! i copyright that idea unless you draw it all out. ;p

Joe Chico said...

Alan Tew Your my hero :P All those babies scare the crap outta me though. Hopefully one day I can be up to par with your wonderful sketches! inspirational as always! and I look forward to studying your way of sketching and anatomy! by the way thanks for that tutorial it was freakin awesome!

Ounce said...

Babylanche xD Your titles are always so clever. Cool stuff.

Hart1000 said...

great stuff alan!

email me at shield51@sbcglobal.net


Dudi said...

HI ALAN!! im a big fan of your art since beeba was working...im from mexico so my english is not so good..congratulations! keep the great sketches!

i got a few questions if you can answer me for improving my art blog..

Wich pencils do you use and in wich type of paper? i have problems scanning too.. my drawings are all gray so as the background(the WHITE paper)
Do you also scan your drawings of do you take pictures of them?

Thanks and congratulations again!!

.M. said...

You've inspired me to try some flowies, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not as easy as you made them look.

Anonymous said...

put up this week's stuffff!!!!!

do it!!!1

Alan Tew said...

delidel: underwater satyrs from Atlantis is copyrighted now? Fuuuuuck.

joe chico, ounce, hartcactus: thanks fellas.

diego: I just use an everyday number two 0.5 mechanical pencil with HB lead, and grab printer paper from work. Sometimes I like some paper better than others, so that's a crapshoot. I scan my work in Painter at 300 dpi, equalize it so it looks a bit more like real life, and then downsample to 100 dpi for the intarwebz. On rare occasions, if the work is real smudged, I will bust out the dodge tool and clean it up a bit. That's it.

.m.: so happy to inspire. Thanks.

dave: fine.