Monday, August 25, 2008

Contemplative Projectile Aliens

I'm starting this week with older updates. I think it was a week ago I did this collab with Tom, but he had the drawing and was being all lazy-scanner fella, so I yoinked this drawing and another little guy (see below) from him. I know in this drawing I felt like I was ruining his beautiful drawings with a figure that never really worked, but after enough fudging I decided it was passable.

And now for the super-exciting stuff. Dave said he would ink the babylanche and he came through! It's so much fun to see stuff inked, and that was especially true with this drawing. I was curious how he would fill in some of the sketchy details that I just mooshed in there, and he did a great job that I hope enjoy too.

So my stuff this week began with the pointy-headed fella on the left, followed by the bald guy on the bottom. I was just going with the flow, and I wanted to come up with a way to combine them. The smoke was used to tie them together, but I started describing it to Virginia as a Nightcrawler teleportation effect and used "BUMF!" to make give it a impressively original spin. With powers brought to the mix, I thought it would be interesting to make the first character an actual superpower. Fun. The kid at the end with the cape was just me idling with a pencil.

Next up was another quicky with Tom. Actually, I'm not sure if it was actually next up, but that's the order I scanned it in, so there. I added a figure on a swing to one of his trees, and ruined another beautiful piece of artwork. (Why do I feel guilty for doing collabs with Tom?!? Weird.)

I wanted to do a unibrow on a girl, and this was the result. I think I tried to mix a few less idealized features with some pretty ones, and I like the drawing in the end. I'm not sure why she has hair coming from her hand, except to setup my signature in a weird way.

Last up was another doodling-figures-while-drunk drawing that I did at the pizza place. I don't know why quick figures go with drunkedness, but I thought these fellas were interesting, with their pointy limb-ends. I can see doing more of them later.


Tom Scholes said...

Yeah seriously why do you feel guilty, it's starting to make me feel seriously guilty. :O

Collabs are my favorites, makes my brain all sorts of happy and inspires me in so many ways I couldn't do alone. :)

Alan Tew said...

It must be the difference in the way I perceive a sketchy drawing from a rendered one, and how yours crosses into rendered in my mind. Weird, but the best splanation I can come up with.

Anonymous said...


Sam Nielson said...

I like all the contemplation. I realize now that I've seen far too few contemplative giants and aliens in my day.