Friday, August 29, 2008


I didn't get through too many drawings this week; I got to drawing night a bit late and wanted to leave a bit early to watch Dave play some trumpet in his band. He's freakin' amazing! Seriously! I was content just doodling endlessly on one page. The first stuff was the regular old spiky-haired fella holding the girl, followed by the weird cartoony guy with the wiggly ears, and that was followed by a whole bunch of figures. I enjoyed sharing them with Jason Kim (!!!), who decided to join us tonight, because he always does these killer figures at work. I hope he comes back for more. I particularly liked the guy lying on his stomach, and the other guy with his back facing the viewer. Figars aer fun!

Numbah two was something I started and never finished. There wasn't any meat to it, but I decided to date it and put it up anyhoo.


Anonymous said...

thanks, man!

Ounce said...

Love the figure drawings they were always the drawings that educated me most while learning to draw. Like having blueprints to the human body.

BNBung said...

Always awesome = Alan Tew

... lol, I just said that ^^

Ryan said...

cool stuff!

Dario Reyes said...

Hi Alan, I took the liberty of using one of your sketches to practice my digital skills.
I hope you like it.

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