Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hotel California

On 1008-07-25 I was at the Comic-Con, and Ryan Ottley and Derek Hunter were hanging with my friends Joe and Kris in the hotel room. Ottley was doing commissions for his fans and I decided to be festive and doodle a bit, too. For warm up came the grumpy looking fella. I notice I often juxtapose cheerful, expressive women with a mister grumpy-pants. I'm not sure why.

Some of you know that I sometimes get frustrated with how my superheroes turn out, so I decided to press on it and do an Invincible, since Ottley was drawing a lot of them that evening. I just tried to let the lines take things places instead of over-thinking how the costume would fit on a human body, and I thought it turned out a little better than my normal fare. Invincible really looked like he needed to be holding something, so I gave him a mouse. :-)

And last up was a figure-chain, something I just enjoy making every once in awhile. It's fun to decide on a connecting point on a figure and just draw another figure from there, and even more fun to try to get them to match up. Not sure how good of a job I did in my exercise of getting figures positioned in space and drawing them from uncomfortable starting points. The first drawing was the guy on the left, and it went counterclockwise from there.


Ounce said...

Firsties! *Is Tews Offical Stalker Fanboy* I dig the girl in the 1st picture and the pissed off mouse xD.

Patricia Potts said...

I found your name on google and I didn't have your phone number so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ALAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!