Thursday, August 7, 2008


Most of the drawings of the evening of 2008-07-15 were pose-trades with the drawing crew. I only remember a few of who attended by the poses here. But first up was just some generic doodling as warm up and I liked how they turned out. The hair and the pose on the upper-left guy were fun, trying a guy in repose while ignoring what he is sitting on is just plain lazy, and I guess hiding a lot of anatomy in perspective is, too. 1/3 non-lazy drawings isn't bad.

Next up was a pose from the wondrous Rachel Hunter. You can kinda see her lines underneath mine and the liberties I took with them. The weird flat BVDs were my remembering what they look like, because Rachel asked about it for a drawing she did.

Third up was a completely strange pose by Ryan Ottley. The figure was so demented looking that I didn't bother trying to fit a normal figure on it. It made the drawing really dynamic and crazy and pretty fun, though. I liked all the interesting shapes on the figure. Thank you, Ryan!

I had to get Dave Chisholm in the act, and he gave me a very long figure that at first, I wasn't 100% sure was a man or a woman. I decided to push it to an alien / monster-looking thing in the end.

Thomas Schole's pose for me was the toughest, though. He said he didn't want me to do anything with it because he thought he screwed up or something, but I started seeing an old guy with a bit of a gut going at it, and it was fun enough that I went for it. The pose thing is fun to do because it can be real random at times.

The last drawing I didn't actually do at drawing night, but I did at my apartment later. I was thinking of the hairstyle of this girl I met at Hannah's birthday party, and wanted to draw it on a face. I ended up rather liking the doodle. There's something pleasant about it for me.


Tom Scholes said...

:D Such a good post.

Ounce said...

^ Agreed. I'm impressed by the hip/leg/knees of the girl in the last pic.