Saturday, September 13, 2008

Multi-Week Miscellany

It's been a couple weeks since a proper update, but both draw nights produced skim offerings. I decided to post them along with a random doodle while waiting around at the office. First up is the office doodle, done with a ballpoint pen lying around. Not much to say about it since I was burning time, but there ya go.

Next up is the results of last week's drawing night. I had a really fun time, and just crammed all of the figures into one page, so it might be a little more anemic than normal, but there's fun stuffs to look at. I remember particularly enjoying the skull-looking figure, where I erased out all of the body lines that were present in the black of his costume. In the end, I thought he looked a bit like a Castle Crasher's character by Dan Paladin, but maybe that's just me. I also really enjoyed the fish-head for some reason, and maybe my favorite on the page is the goggle-bearing goat-boy (not sure why that's his name, it just fits) with the hearts behind him. Fun stuffs.

The offerings from this week were definitely meager, though. Roz showed back up after a trip to South America and some hide-and-go-seek at school, and catching up caught more of my attention. Still, I really enjoyed the dude with the 'stache and the weird hairdo. He looks both ugly and stylish to me somehow. I had Roz doodle in the dotted-line bubble, and she did more freeform stuff. The other stuff on the page was Dave explaining how some of the music-writing symbols work (he was composing that night), and me explaining ("path/goal") to someone my take on the advantage and disadvantage of optimistic and pessimistic outlooks on life. Fun to yap about, but doesn't make for the most interesting doodles. I'll make up for it with others' work (more colored sketches coming!).


Tom Scholes said...

Glad you liked the colors dude :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Alan,

I have been a fan for a long time and I'm so happy that you've returned to posting your sketches. I would like to discuss the possibilities of buying some of your OLD sketches (if you still have them) and perhaps commissioning you to sketch. Thank you.