Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naughty Chopper (Chop! Chop!)

At draw night this week I decided to focus on faster, sketchier figures again. The first page began with the eye in the lower corner, and then I started loosely drawing an image of Spidey in my head, focusing on his wirey-yet-muscley look. It was all over the place, so I tried again without erasing or doubling up lines to define line weight or commit to shapes. But I didn't care if it actually ended up Spidey and didn't know where I was going with it, so I just made it a nobody. But he still had his head intact. The rest were just scribbles, but I rather liked the scribble in the top-left, where I wanted to draw someone grabbing his own feet. I'm sure it's got messy bits in there, but for a quick sketch I thought it looked pretty nice. Jon Diesta was talking about some anatomy lessons he had picked up on from a fellow artists, and feeling jealous that I had nothing to teach, I showed Jon the anatomy of a flower while drawing one behind the squatting fella.

Realizing I had just did yet another page of man figures, I decided to do a page of ladies. Drawing ladies is really fun because of all the different shapes and sizes that are still in the beautiful form range, and I love the way their hips work; I really have no idea why I don't doodle them more often, whether its the fact that everyone always doodles ladies, or because few of the superhero books I followed as a kid had women as the lead hero. Either way, it's a bit of sadness. But I digress.

I started with the top sitting lady, then the standing lady, then the back-scratching lady, whose right arm sticks out to me as not a good headrest at the moment, and then I thought of the guy grabbing his feet and wanted a female version of it, so I did a nude figure putting on her shoe. That was fun. Then I looked over at what Jon was doing -- a much larger female figure -- that was looking really cool, so I drew a fan (like his figure had), and then started fronting:
"My girl has a fan, so now what? Huh? Huh?"
"Now she needs a sword," Jon replies.
"Now mine has a sword. What now?"
Tom jumps in with, "Shoes. Made of goat."
"Now she has goat shoes! What up?"
"She needs a HairdoodZ," says Jon.
"And a monkey-hat," interjects Tom.
After scribbling, I announce, "She has a monk HairdoodZ with a monkey-hat. Unnh!"
"Mine is going to have a print on her clothes," announces Jon.
I'm screwed, I think. "Dammit, she has no clothes! Maybe I can do a tattoo..."
So I finished up with the tattoo and was pleased enough to note all of the contributions everyone made to the drawing. Continuing with figures, I added the bottom sitting girl, and ended with the girl in the upper-left corner. By the time I finished her body, I didn't want to draw her head, so I just moved it to the side and added a "CHOP!" All of a sudden, I worried it would come across as a sexist chop, so I went back to the first drawing and took off the head of the male figure there, too. And since I had a culprit with a sword, I decided to call her design The Chopper's Costume.

The last page was me drawing lots of legs and feet, just trying to impart some thoughts about the way I draw feet to Jon. I thought I'd include it, in case someone, somehow, found a way to derive information from it.


Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

Hahaha Wow, you've got a real weird group of guys at draw night. Awesome. hahaha

Cal Ki said...

I wonder why Jon doesn't post as often as i'd like him to? Great post Alan, you guys should have a draw night whereby you caricature or simply draw your surroundings when your there coz there has to be something about that place that lures artists.

Ounce said...

Nice I can always use more refs of the laydeez and feet also.

Anonymous said...

Alan you've inspired me to get back into drawing way back in '99. I just kept waiting for the next doodle. Joe was a great teacher! Here's a doodle I did today at work...


Javier B.V said...

Impresionante tu trabajo

Unknown said...

Alan Tew you are the They Might Be Giants of drawing. Notice, children, his striking sense of the anatomy of a decapitation. Alan Tew Wins! Fatality!

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