Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"What is hhhhhat?"

Another fun draw night with a smaller crew. This time it was Tom, Dave, and Manfred in addition to me. The first page was common warm-up. Not much to say, except I started out feeling pretty uncomfortable with my pencil. I felt kind of tight and immobile starting with the top-mid guy, and didn't start feeling loosened up until part of the way through the girl. But getting loose also made my drawings sketchy this go-round, as the top-right and bottom-left drawings show.

But it was good prep for this witch-like lady. I enjoyed this drawing quite a bit. I started with the brows, just making a lot of lines come to a point, and just tried to go with flowing lines. I felt light defining the silhouette but not filling in the cloth around her out of some mixture of aesthetic and laziness, and once I started seeing a division between the simplicity of the cloth and the complexity of her flesh, I decided to make it kind of like a hoody-cloak, filled in her neckline area, and the whole drawing came across as pretty fun and creepy to me. I liked the end result, and added "HH" to my signature for "Happy Halloween," which confused Manred and Tom (and inspired the title of this post).

Tom always does these thumbnail environment pics with really interesting shapes, so I decided to do a Tom impression, and drew a box, and started filling an environment into it. It's probably confusing as hell, especially with the figure I drew behind it afterward, but I started with a figure, decided he was standing on a treetop, that a limb of leaves would swing out from it, with a trunk behind it, with lots of tentacle-like roots descending from the trunk for water below, and lots of clouds beneath the entire thing. Maybe it would be fun to paint.

Last but not least, I went in to drawing night thinking about Jenny, who's endured a destructive migraine for about a week now. She bid me adieu earlier, asking me to draw someone who could kick the ass of migraines, so I started imagining "Migraine" as a character who sat on and crushed peoples heads, so I could make another character kicking Migraine's ass. But once I had a character sitting on a head, the head turned out all weird and almost alien, and Migraine's hands were up in the air instead of down squeezing, and I couldn't think of a way to also have Migraine's ass being kicked while conveying the squeezing information. It all happened fast and without planning, so I found myself adding a hammer, and wondered at how I managed only to convey pain and suffering in lieu of relief. Arg.

And in response to someone who asked if the guy on the bottom was Manfred, I labeled him "Manfred," the Migraine "Alan," and the hammer "Tom's Nutsack" for laughs. Manfred thought it was a good scene for the Exorcist V, and Tom suggested that Burt Reynolds -- and various Burt Reynolds body parts -- play us. Manfred added "Dave's Spirit." This was an entertaining, epic fail (in purpose and maturity) of a drawing, presented for your viewing pleasure.


Tom Scholes said...

Burt Reynolds! of goat.
Yay, random. :) Awesome drawnight.

Ounce said...

Great stuff Alan! Btw is that disney project you're working on still underwraps?

Alan Tew said...

Yup, yup.

annie said...

i am so glad I found your blog. :D

Ounce said...

Happy Halloween Tew!

Rory said...

I would like to send you a sketch of yours that I colored, Mr. Tew, but I can't find your email anywhere!