Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sorry again for the slow updates. I was in Florida for a week, went to an election party, work has been a bit more stressful lately, and I'm enjoying the submission of my spare time to a lovely lady that makes me very happy. So let's start with Florida. For the trip, I was asked to do piece of art that described how I got into my particular creative field (of game design). I decided to tackle the project on the plane trip down, and was pleasantly surprised by how little turbulence there was. I started with a page of warm-up drawing. The thumbnails in the upper-left hand corner were me playing with ideas for the project.

For the project I decided to focus on a moment in my life when I was pinned down and forced to eat a grasshopper before I could go home. Yes, this happened. I grew up haole in Hawaii, and at some point the local kids I grew up with learned their prejudices and this sort of thing was becoming the norm. But it was a formative moment, where I remember deciding it was a good idea to learn how to have fun indoors. Hence drawing, playing video games, and doing a plethora of other nerdy things that helped me become the *cough* man I am today. A friend had some pens across the isle from me on the plane, so I was even able to ink it. Hooray!

The Tuesday after I got back was drawing night, but I almost didn't go because I came down with an awful cold. I decided I should at least say hello to the folk that were there, and when I showed up, I ended up sticking around for some reason. This was my hazy warm-up page. I remember very little about it.

I had showed up for drawing late, though, and we went off to a pizza parlour for dinner. Not being to into the social aspects of the evening in my condition, I just kept doodling. I started doing a cartoonish face, but was too tired to come up with details, so I scanned the tables around us and started doodling the hairstyle, jewelry, and clothes from a girl at a nearby table that looked like she was on a first date. After finishing her, I felt like drawing a hag. I guess I just like doodling hags around Halloween.

But I think my mind started wasting away and insanity set in. This last drawing started with the giant gnome thing, or whatever the hell it is. I then drew some figures to distract me from the gnome, who kind of freaked me out. The next most obvious thing to draw was Pac Man for some reason, and I drew a trail of pac pellets (what are they called?) pushing right into the gnome's stomach. Really, the only sane thing that could be added was "HOLY FUCKING SHIT."