Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sorry for going AWOL for a bit, but I finally got around to an update, and I hope there's something worthwhile to look at. I don't remember what inspired this first brain fart. I think I just wanted to draw a star and for some reason the scarf on it made sense, so the rest just deteriorated from there. I wanted to do a TMNT ripoff and so I went a little Mad Libs on the whole deal. I figured instead of famous artists I'd go with kinds of pasta, their favorite Italian dish changed, their enemy is another kind of office supply, and their human partner has the same name as the month I did this drawing in.

That same night, I saw Dave Chisholm finish a dish and I wanted to try my hand at preserving his style, despite the fact that I can't even preserve my own style with an ink pen. It was fun to do, though. Dave has a really loose style, even in inks, and I wish I had a fraction of the talent he and other artists at the table display whenever they ink. I need more patience and practice!

I think for the last drawing of the night of November the 18th, I decided to do a quick doodle before dinner. I grabbed Jon Diesta's pencil (hence the red) and made something that reminded me of G'Nort.

The first Tuesday of December was one of several rather anemic drawing nights. I'm not sure why, but my output really went down for awhile. I think it was because work was really busy and stressful. I find I can either chill out and chat or draw, not both. I know men, compared to women, are horrible at multitasking, but I consider myself unusually bad, even among men. Or maybe I'm just fickle about my multitasking. I know I keep far too much detail about my projects at work in there. But I digress. I like the guy with the big mustache and curly whirly, and I like the fact that I'm encourage everyone to do drugs.

A week later and another anemic night, but I really, really liked the output for some reason. The simple, slender, sometimes wobbly lines made me happy. It's weird how napkin scribble is often some of my favorite stuff; it just removes the pressure to perform, I suppose.

I think I was feeling guilty about my lack of doodles each week, so I spent a little more time this week. Sometimes when I start drawing I try to get in a "flow" and just follow the lines of my pencil, and I remember feeling that way about the first drawing here, when I added "O"s and "T"s to the guy with the long, swirly hair. But everything seems so sketchy that I maybe lost the sense of flow. Or maybe I just wanted to fill up a page to assuage my guilt.

But the flow seemed to come back on this page from the same night, because I really like the bodies here. I think I drew this at a pizza parlor we dig downtown called Stoneground. After a couple beers, I must have relaxed on the page. I mean, the figures are a bit incomplete, but I like the shapes they're making. :-)

A couple missing weeks later and things were looking scribbly again, but there's a lot of fun on this one. I really prefer pages that are full, even if it's with scribble, and I don't know why. The little silhouette figures jumping and twirling for the UFO are interesting to me, as is the hairy fella with the "burst" lines. I think the list in the bottom-right is of bands I should listen to or something; I don't remember!

The second page from the evening was based on a character called Pitt. I don't know him, just "of" him, so Ryan drew us some reference so we could doodle him on our own. Ryan drew the body shape of him in the upper right and I filled it with a bit of detail, then tried to get into the spirit of things. The Pitt is awesome because he's basically designed to be the cheesiest version of "badass" you've ever seen. Chains on the arms and legs, Hulk-bulk, and a biker's jacket, as far as I can tell. If the comic was successful, I truly admire the tastes of those who consider themselves fans. It reminds me of "He-Man." God, I love that name. It's like calling a new burger store "Hamburger Store."

I can't remember why most of the drawings on this page wound up looking so wobbly. Was it a problem with the pencil or the surface I was drawing on? Anyway, looking back I enjoy the texture on the figures. These were fun, simple doodles.

Haha. Oh dear. On this week I decided to pick up a newspaper and do a characature, and I am truly bad at them. Every face on this same page is the same guy. He's of some politician in Utah whose name has already slipped my mind (which is also an indicator of how badly I follow politics). I can only hope my characature is bad enough that those who would recognize an important local politician are incapable of recognizing him from my drawings, and subsequently of incapable of shaming me. I merely shame myself with bad characatures.

This was a page with some fun in it. I like the bearded guy. I had a disembodied head on the page that I wanted to incorporate, and that's how it ended up headless. The fact that it was happy only made things more fun, and I added a disembodied hand to add to the expression. I just always enjoy a little incongruity, don't I?

The week after was a lot of fun because it was the first time Jenny showed up to drawing night and hung with the draw-night crowd. She doesn't consider herself an artist despite my insistence that everyone is, but I got her to make some stick-figures as poses and I tried to get some "real" human anatomy over them. It was a fun excercise that led to a nice day at the beach. Ah, the beach; salt in your mouth, sand in your butt, sunburns, and portugese man-o-wars. Thank you, Jenny!

I think there was more to this week but I must have misplaced the drawings. I'll have to update when I find them. These two were drawings over poses done by Ryan Ottley and Jason Kim. Jason is a fabulous artist that has been drawing with us more and more. I hope he keeps coming; I'll have to add him to the list of links.

This was the first drawing from this past Tuesday. Jenny visited again, which was awesome. This time I was just going with the flow and found myself with a muscley guy in a bathrobe, with roses, in a forest pond, with a Joust birdie. I just don't know where it comes from. It all started with wanting to do an upturned head with a distinguished nose. I drew the bird before thinking it was a Joust birdie, but after doodling a silhouette figure on it, someone else thought the jousting stick was a good idea, and who am I to disagree? The speech bubble comes courtesy of Derek Hunter. This was a snippet of conversation taken out of context, probably about puppies. I don't remember.

The next was more go-with-the-flow stuff as well. At first the fella reminded me of a garden troll, then it reminded me of someone who eats too many donuts, then I wanted to add some old stumpy legs, and I stuck with the garden theme. After doodling the mushroom, I felt like something was missing, so I added an apple. And to top it all off, I stuck with the quote theme, this time quoting Derek's wife, Rachel, who is a marvelous artist as well.

But the last page may be my favorite. Ryan Ottley gave me four poses to work from so I gave him four as well. I felt rather inspired by the first and last drawings I did -- the two male figures -- because his lines were so strong. I really enjoyed the middle character because he had such an odd shape but it was so flowy and muscley with very little line definition, and the lines at the ends of his limbs made for interesting "shading," if you will. But the last one -- the guy in the upper-left -- was the best. There was something about the lines Ryan had set down that just spoke to a squiggly shape, and the confident-yet-squiggly lines made for an interesting doodle. IMO, anyway.

So I may have missed a few drawings lying around that need scanning. If so, I hope they turn up soon. Plus, I have more kind colorist items I need to update! (God I love those.) See you shortly, I hope!


Jacob, aka IAmWickedStupid said...

I'm pumped to see that you're back! Great drawings!!

Tom Scholes said...

yessssssssssssssssssssssss, you updated! So good to see these again!

It's like calling a new burger store "Hamburger Store."

I would eat thereeeee.

Alan Tew said...

Thanks guys. And I would eat there too. Scholes, are you sitting on any drawings o' mine? I know I sometimes hand them off to you for safekeeping and you rule at dropping them off the next day, but I want to be sure...

Cal Ki said...

Great to have you back! The third last drawing with joust bird and the muscled up guy is brilliant, had to print it out!

Keep up the posts!

.M. said...

I'm with everybody else: great to see you've returned.

RAWLS said...

haha! Really great work my friend!

Anonymous said...

OMG Alan, you make me howl!

Anonymous said...

so awesome, man.
thanks for the huge post.
i plan on showing up tomorrow, before my show at monk's.


pablo pablo said...

Nice work!

Unknown said...

I love you. If you ever stop by Vancouver, give me a call. We'll make love, and draw, there's this sketchgroup I'm a part of in the city. It's really awesome:

-kube- said...

I agree, it's great to see your work again. I'm a long time fan!

Mike Terry said...

I remember seeing your sketches a long time ago. Your body form and figures are spot on!

Jelter said...

this stuff is great, post more!

mOm said...

K, Alan, your fans are anxiously waiting. Take a few minutes away from that 'lady friend' of yours and show us what you've been up to since March :)

Ounce said...

Yes, I agree with mOm. We are desperately awaiting your next post. T_T

Amber Blade Jones said...

I can't stress enough how inspiring your work is to get off my lazy ass and try more dynamic poses.

But I've always loved your work for that, keep rocking that titty tight anatomy sir.

Alan Tew said...

Cal: <3
.M.: I'm just happy to be alive.
RAWLS: thanky!! :-)
Don: happy to make howl; it's my pleasure.
dave: sorry I missed the show!
pablo: cheers, man.
still2kewl: another draw-blog! I'll let you know if I stop in.
-kube-: long time fans are most definitely welcome here.
Mike: thanks man. They're fun to do.
Jelter: I'll try to post more. Just going through a rough spot atm.
Amber: thanks so much, and good luck with your work!