Sunday, May 17, 2009

For mOm...

It's been awhile, no? Things have been a bit stupid at work so draw nights have been more infrequent, but I have a bunch more doodles to talk about. The first... hrm... maybe there's not much to say after all. Sometimes I miss having Mike May at draw night because when he was around it was fun to draw to elicit his big, friendly laugh. I think a lot of the humor from drawings on my old site were a result of that dynamic and without the silliness there's plenty of twisty people with spiky hair to look at, but not enough zaniness. Maybe it's not fair to pin on Mike, since I think part of it is just getting back into a regular drawing groove and exploring, and things have been infrequent enough that that's been harder to do. Conclusion: more drahns.

See, this one is at least a little silly. I think I drew this on some scratch paper Ryan was using to prepare a cover the sketchbook he put together for Comic Con this year. That's gonna be some hot shit I tell ya. I love drawing hair. I just love it.

There are some interesting figures in this drawing, but the real standout bit is the poorly-drawn monkey. I felt like drawing something from reference, so I found an image of a monkey and started roughing it in. Then I lost patience for it and it turned out blarg. Ah well. I'll let it stand as a testament to my impatience.

So I've been playing a shit-ton of Street Fighter IV (PS3, PSNID Erlanter) since it came out. I'm about 6-7 games (Resident Evil 5, Afro Samurai, Madworld, Punch Out, Infamous, Prototype, Ghostbusters, and Wolverine, to name a few) behind because I'm always paying SFIV. When I was doodling, I tried to recall what the character I play (Gen) looks like, and failed. The character in the lower-lelft reminds me of something Jon Diesta would draw for some reason. I really have no idea what that means.

I think I was thinking of Synj when I drew this one.

This page has a few interesting things on it, but I really hate that hairy man-beast thing. It was weird because right after finishing it, Ryan asked if I ever draw stuff that I really hate. I just kinda looked down and pointed at it, thinking "yeah, look!" There's just something really wrong about it I can't put my finger on.

I'm not sure why I torture myself trying to draw superheroes, and this is particularly true with Batman. This is one of the better turnouts, but there's such a strange thing that happens when I draw superheroes. It reminds me of when you transfer superheroes to the big screen and try to be faithful with their costumes. Typically, people just look really weird with superhero clothing on; when you make it real, it just seems bizarre. I don't know if it's because I think of actual cloth and costumes on human beings or not, but it's this same effect that I think takes place when I draw superheroes. I have to consciously go into a drawing trying to make their body their costume and not separate the two ideas to start getting it right. I wonder if other people have this problem.

This page is mostly feeling out some figures, but I enjoy the skinny-armed, long-fingered hands. The guy with antennae-arms and Merman ears was fun to draw. Oddly enough, the drawing is both likeable and aesthetically awkward to me.

I really enjoyed this drawing for some reason. I think I wanted to do something with a lot of clean, efficient lines and strength behind it, and the weird wing wreath with stars in 3D behind him was fun to produce. I asked Tom if he would paint it and he just wanted me to scan it. Now that 2 months have passed, I'm not sure if it's lost its luster. That reminds me, I have some color work to put on display...!

More figures. I think when I don't know what to draw it's fun to just spit out figures in random positions. They seem to turn out decent looking and make me feel like I'm exercising.

More superheroes? Why? It's because I imagined Wolverine with a huge lumberjack beard and wanted to see it. I'm sure it's already been done in comics, but I haven't seen it. I like the cartoon Wolverine in the lower-right the most, with his wee beady eyes. I started with the center one, which has that "weird-looking costume on real guy" look. Then I tried the cartoon version to see if that fixed the problem, but his shapes weren't that satisfying. So then I went for a silhouette, which is in the lower-left. And finally, another stab on the upper-right, which doesn't feel right to me, either. Superheroes are just tricky for me. It takes a long time for me to get in the swing of things.

Tom had put a whole bunch of scribbles on my page, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make something out of it. I felt beaten, though; they were just too complex, so I decided to just mush it into something abstract and go with the flow. I rather enjoy how the whole thing turned out.

I like girls in bikinis. I wish I remembered to draw the ladies more often, even if they end up with weird robot mask-helmet-things. Hoo-rah.

I was enjoying the shapes on this female figure quite a bit. She had kind of a homely vibe but a nice figure, and then Ryan decided she need to be a bit more stacked and added the line for an underboob. I demanded that he sign his contribution.

More figures. I really don't have much to say about them except that I like the female body in this one. I don't know that I've done that pose very often and it was fun to look at in the end. More please.

So I ask for more women, but deliver more men. If you are a drawing night attendee, please remind me that I want to post more ladies. But still, I had fun with these figures. Some of them look a little awkwardly drawn, but c'est la vie.

My last in this update is the weirdest. I drew some creature -- kinda doggish -- and stuck him in an inner-tube of sorts. I don't remember if this was a quick one on the way out to dinner or what. All I know is that I <3 it.

Peace out! Hopefully more to come shortly.


mOm said...

Aw-w... all for me? Your fans gotta love your mama for this :)
BTW, did you lose a month, or did I? You dated this post May 17.
It's good to see you're still around; keep up the good work.

P@ul said...

About the "Having trouble drawing superheroes" thing... I used to have that problem all the time. Especially with the more iconic characters like Batman or Superman, they would look wrong. Then i started to square their jaws out and make them a bit more barrel chested and viola! They were as good as they were in the funny books! I guess no one like a skinny Batman...

Alex said...

Just want to say that your lines are very inspiring. The way you do the expressions is just so good! :) I'll be following your blog a lot more often and I can't wait to see more, and hopefully colored ones too

Ounce said...

Nice big post =] Just letting you know your fans are still out here. So don't stop posting! Love your work.

Cal Ki said...

Great to have another post. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your site since 1999 and your art still makes me want to go draw after I've looked at it. You've been a big influence on me

Alan Tew said...

mOm: I think I began the post earlier but ended it a month later. Silly me.
P@ul: I'll have to try that sometime. I hate it when they turn out bleh.
Alex: thanks so much. I'm glad you're following. I need to dig up those color efforts...
Ounce: thanks man. I won't. I hate being late.
Cal: cheers!
Tom: I love you Tom! Thanks for the kind words and do keep inspiring me back.

Richard Vallerand said...

Great stuff man, I'm glad I found your blog. It's always good to see drawings with a good sens of the body structure. Very inspiring!!!