Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Toothpaste

For the last while, draw night has been interrupted or less frequent. Ever since my project at work was canceled, my spirits have been very low, and I haven't felt like myself. I think it's been difficult to muster up the energy for creative things. It feels a bit like a breakup. Luckily, that's been turning around as I look onward and consider my options -- I'm really looking to feed my soul and get my passion going again -- but the pictures below represent less content over a sadder time. Still, the first drawing does little to show it. His eyes may be a bit hollow, but he has a smile. One simple drawing for this draw night.

The next image is from over a month later, and I'm surprised by the gap. I need to dig around and see if I can find some missing doodles. But I kind of like the funny-looking guy in the mid-center. He reminds me of the big toothpaste guy in the final drawing of this post with his weird hairline and long hair.

It looks like the week after was a little more inspired. I think I started with the figure on the left, and it has a bit more of that "care" to it that devolves over the course of drawing.

The next two drawings represent a more spirited draw night, since the content is a bit more playful. I rather enjoyed doodling the guy with the robes on. Clothes are so much fun to doodle because they're simple and show a lot of motion. The hairy guy was a fun doodle, too, with lots of weird, disrespectful shapes.

And I think I drew this other guy just to wrap up the evening before going to eat. It's a weird, unfinished doodle, but they all get their share in the limelight...

I did this last one recently. I really wanted the main drawing to be unscrewing a cap of some sort but his arms didn't align the way I expected so I decided against a jar and went with something that could be more twisty. It was hard to see what he was manipulating, though, so I had to label it. The rest are just common figures. Cyaz. :-)


Michael Fallik said...

Some great work here. I used to follow your old website when I was just getting started with figure drawing and I was always impressed by your skill and the elasticity of your characters.

It's so cool to find your blog Alan.

Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Allrighht, new entry!
Always love to drop by and see you draw up some cool stuff!

Cal Ki said...

Great Work Alan. I hope everything works out fine I know the BS is heavy for everybody this yaar. Goodluck!

mOm said...

For some reason, I particularly noticed some interesting EYES in some of these drawings - seemed to stand out more than usual. Good job :)

Alan Tew said...

Michael: Thanks! I'm glad you found it.
Jim: :-)
Cal: Yeah, everyone's going through really tough times. I'm really fortunate, all things considered.
mOm: you notice interesting things. I looked over them again and noticed it, too.