Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garbage 'Do

When I sat down for drawing, Ottley was excited to share a bunch of new drawing tools (ink pens, pencils, etc.) he got from some site online. After oohing and ahhing over them, he asked if I wanted to try the inks. Long story short, I loved his ink pen. It was only slightly bendy, allowing for control of the line, but really rather stiff, so I could almost sketch with it. And everything I just said comes from the mouth of an ink pen noob. I really don't know much about them, just that I always suck with ink pens and this was one of the most natural-feeling ones I've ever had my hands on. And he said they're $4. But I digress. I drew the guy in the upper-left first, and I might like him the best. I wondered if the pen was getting looser as I used it because I felt a little less control as I went on... but it's probably all garbage to someone experienced in inks.

In the next page of drawings, I tried to "sketch" with the pen, using lines to define shapes and everything, just to see what it would look like in the end. To this day I'm haunted by Robert Kirkman telling me he didn't like my comic stuff as much as my sketch stuff when I put together my comic portfolio to shop around at Comic Con '04, and I always thought there was something about the way I drew when sketching that was looser that I should try to capture if inking (which again, to be very clear on, I suck at). The girl in particular looks pretty bad with those lines, but it was a fun experiment. I think male bits are easier to save, particularly when drawing random people, since you can use more lines to balance a sketch and still retain "beauty," which is not my experience drawing women. After struggling with figures, I tried my hands at some more cartoony stuff (my bean) and enjoyed the results.

The third draw-page was the only one that started with pencils. I did some up (wish I could have scanned it first) and inked over them to see what it would look like once the pencils were erased, and I was rather disgusted with how empty and hollow and stiff the lines looked to me. It really lost a lot of life. So I started "drawing" on the inks with the ink pen to "fill" it up and get it looking more like something I would draw. I was relatively happy with the results, despite the fact that the dude's thumb is missing. And his hairdo is garbage-y.

I didn't want to leave the night without a pencil sketch, so I drummed up this last one before leaving for sushi. It was a freeflow kind of thing, and I enjoyed the whatever-it-is (match?) on fire in his mouth. It seemed more interesting than just a cigarette. No idea what he's wearing either. What the fuck am I drawing???