Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Robot

Just a quick page this week. Inspired by some robot-looking guy Ottley always draws in the Invincible comic (sorry for not knowing his name), I wanted to doodle a robot of my own. Kinda meh, and for some reason the swirly-arms really bug the piss out of me. You know what? I hate drawing robots. I think it's because I want my lines to be grounded in reality, and I just don't know enough about how robot joints would be assemble to allow for proper mobility, etc., etc. Enough about that. The other doodle of the girl is me swiping a cool drawing from Rachel Hunter's page (she was sitting next to me) and doing my version of it. I should do that more often; it's fun.


Mazlow said...

Hey Alan,

Been a fan of your work since back in 2001 ( when I use to try and copy them in my school books. Keep on keeping on the good work.


Alan Tew said...

Thanks man. You do some wicked work!

joefeinsilver said...

Beautiful drawings, awsome!