Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Update

More of my time has been spent on my LittleBot blog, one of the unfortunate byproducts of which is reduced inclination to spend time on this blog. But I keep drawing, and the desire to update grows with each one; though the more drawings pile up, the more work it involves. Screw it! It's a long weekend, and I need to get some doodles out of my system.

Most of the doodles are typical of what I do on Tuesdays, and this first one doesn't break the mold; mostly exercises in the human figure and line flow. The drawings in this one are fun for me, though, and I particularly enjoy the drawings numbered "2" and "3." The other day I saw someone with a bizarre figure, and I'm often stunned at how different everyone can look, and I wish my figures were as diverse, sometimes.

This next drawing is just odd. I must have been thinking about the exercise Ottley often does of drawing a nice rack and putting the most despicable head on it. Looking back, I also like the guy sitting on his hand. It kinda works for me.

I usually don't press down and drive for dark lines, but this page was an unusual exception. I don't really draw figures with swords as much as I used to, so it's interesting to see a bit of a throwback here. I think I used to care a lot more about the overall flow of a page, and used to add a lot of swirls and smoke to help balance whatever was on it, but this time the swirls are just breath, I suppose. I like swirls.

Ahhh, a nice busy page. I really like busy pages, and am sad that I don't make them as often. November 10th was clearly a prolific draw night, though; my page count has been about "one" on average, for the past few months, so it's nice to see something with more content on it. This page also reminds me of Tom, now departed to Seattle (and dearly missed), because I asked him to rate each drawing from 1 to 5 "dots." He liked the boobs, but my personal favorite is the guy in the lower left. I like the extreme angles.

The voting continued onto this page, and I liked a lot of stuff on it. I don't draw women often enough, but I've been a little more interested in fat on them of late (I think?), and I like the drawing with the interesting distribution of it, bottom-middle. I also like the cartoony nature of the guy in lower-left and the guy at top-middle, but probably my favorite is lower-right. It's just got some good motion to it, methinks.

And the drawings (and ratings) just kept on coming. I remember that when I drew the top-middle girl, I purposefully had eight strands-with-curls coming off of her head, like an octopus, and I added eyes to it even if they wouldn't normally go there. The skull-guy is fun, and someone mentioned a character it reminded them of, but I don't recall the name. I hate drawing Batman and Superman, so I drew them both (low ratings!) and the minimal-lined fella with hearts is kinda fun to me.

This next one was an Ottley pose that I drew over. I've said it a million times, but I'll say it again -- I love how much more striking his poses are. I just have a hard time thinking in those silhouettes, probably partly because I love pushing myself with awkward poses, but it's really fun to do a strong figure now and then, and pal Ottley is great for it. He's always happy to share poses with me. (Thanks!)

The product of this next one might not be that interesting, but I thought the process was after drawing the eyes, I handed the drawing to someone else to have a feature added. So different parts -- furry gut, chicken legs, pig ears, beard, nose -- were all added by someone else, subject to some "editing" by me. But I don't know everyone's signatures by sight, so I don't know all of the contributors! Hmmm...

The next page is just scrap, though the guy with the monkey-features is kinda interesting to me. At top-middle, it looks like some fine young lady is giving herself a good time. And I don't usually fuss over drawings, but I remember spending a lot of time fussing over the gal right in the center of everything . I kept adjusting her breasts in particular, trying to get them to read right to me. I probably could have spent more time on other elements, but all-in-all, it was a fun angle to doodle.

This next page is a little more creative to me. An ode to Tom is top-left. (I guess the little peanut-doll reminds him of Tom?) This page has a little more emotion, which is nice. Happy gal in the lower-left, and the guy in the upper-right is a little interesting, even if his arms are distractingly bulgy. The guy in the upper-right totally has that Star Trek-alien vibe. Just throw some makeup on his forehead and the sucker's clearly built for space-faring. :-p

And hooray for another full page. The silliest thing I remember drawing is the cube with musculature at top-middle. On paper, the guy with the pursed lips at middle-top-left is the one that pops the most, but I probably enjoy looking at the girl in the skirt (lower-left) and the little devil (middle-bottom) the most. I just like the dynamic stuffs most.

Pages like this one are also rare but enjoyable. It's not often that a doodle comes together looking as though it started with some grander vision. If I recall correctly, I began with the girl's head, just trying to make it pretty with simple features. After that, I threw some dirt all over her for contrast, and that made me want to add some nasty friend. In this case it's some oversized rodent with markings over its eyes. I like the blend. It's a little faded, but I kept it true to the lines scanned from the page, which were pretty light, too.

The past couple of months have less content in general. I'm usually knee-deep in some coding for my prototype when drawing night comes around, and since I moved in with the girlfriend (<3) the drive to our regular doodle site got longer. I always have fun, but I tend to get there too late for substantial doodling. I need to fix that. On this page, I rather like the girl middle-left and the guy top-right. It has a lot of hands on it because I felt like my hand drawing has gotten kind of crappy of late, so I wanted to spend a bit looking at my own hands to get a feel for them. Still kinda stiff, but hopefully just the exercise helps improve things.

This next one is a quick goodie. I like the flow on the drawing, even though I can't decide if someone could actually do that with their arm. But good, flowing lines and expressions are fun. I drew the guy on the right first, and wanted to give him some to conspire with, so I added the older guy on the left. His fist is super-lazy, but I like the box-shape of it.

Though the spiky-haired shirtless guy is usual fair, I really like this version of it. There was something about the angle or tightness of the lines that reall appealed to me, making it at least a happy version of "more of the same." I just can't help myself from drawing the same ol' damned thing. Ha.

This was a one-pager that was quite fun. It started with the guy on the left, with his completely wonky eyebrows and mustache. I went with the flow, and felt like he needed a furry collar, so he got one with a puffy jacket. But all of my energy was spent on clothing his upper-body, and so I had no left for below. Poor fella. The lady next to him began with her face, and I got Rachel Hunter to add some hair and design some clothes for her. I like her style, and maybe ruined by adding seaweed (or something) to her hair. The last drawing of note is on the right, which looks like a programmer I worked with, Pete Wilkins, completely by accident. If you know him, I hope you also see the similarity.

Another nice page-o-figures. I remember feeling like I was doodling too many guys again, and purposefully started adding women. You can see that I was aiming for some stronger poses here, at least with the upper-right drawing, and the more angular flow in the doodles. The twisty pose of the gal in the lower-left was pretty fun to draw. I just love how the flesh of tangled figures mushes together sometimes; it's a lot more fun to draw than always-separated limbs.

This drawing is the kind I begin right before everyone picks up their drawing stuffs for sushi. I often start a doodle that I want to finish, so I just throw on a few features and call it good. I remember spending quite some time to get the features on her face as clean as I wanted, and I also remember giving her bigger eyes than I might normally draw, which is odd, since big eyes tend to make drawings more likable (re: Disney). But the drawing was a bit plain, so I added a candy-cane question mark with a pepper-mint point. Yum.

When I come home from drawing, I usually toss my clipboard of printer paper onto the arm of the couch and forget about it. Whenever I glanced at it, my attention was always caught by the figure in the lower-left. I think I just like the way his features turned out. I usually don't bother to define ribs at all, but that single line was kinda compelling. *Shrug* who knows?

Sorry again for doing this all in bulk! It would be a lot easier to read (and update!) if I would just post more often. It's on my mind, and I'll try to post closer to Tuesday this week. Oh, and Happy V-Day!


Tom Scholes said...

I miss you too. I miss drawnight. I miss(ed) reading your updates. I miss Utah. Come to Seattle.

Also that definitely looks like Pete.

Xenozip. said...

Been wondering when an update would happen, and here you did a big one! Awesome, yaay. So many wonderful sketches, love it. Always tons of charisma and personality, great to see.

Alan Tew said...

Thanks guys! You're sexy.

Dillon Thompson said...

Furry collars, no pants, and Pete.

Alan Tew said...

A potent mix.

Mike Crichlow said...

Great to see new stuff from you!! Love to see the organic nature of your sketches. :)

Alan Tew said...


SlenGG Da Deepkon said...

Updates at last! Thanks for those amazing sketches!

Alan Tew said...

Totally. Thanks for saying something nice about them. ;)

Unknown said...

Great stuff! I love the bearded gremlin!