Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stabby King Ottley

Since the last update was so huge for stalling, I thought I would try to get more consistent again, to keep updates digestible. I scribbled on a couple pages this past week, and noticed that my mind was complete toast from scripting all day, and that my drawings were a lot more jerky and thin as a result. When I can't control my pencil as well, the lines turn out more angular and sparse, which is kinda interesting. The first page is full of typical scribbles, but Ryan Ottley did a penis and hand/head pass that I had him initial, so that everyone could see exactly where he improved what was on the page.

The next one seems a bit more orderly and purposeful, but I was just trying to see what I could do if I embraced my out-of-control lines. It made kind of a cool female figure, a little more dynamic than usual, perhaps; which in turn inspired me to ask for a pose from the King of Dynamic, heir Ottley. He gave me a rough figure of the guy on the bottom, and I went to town on it. When I showed him the drawing, he complained that the stabby-bits "were swords." Whiner.


Unknown said...

The guy stabbin' himself, Awesome sketch, Alan!

Alan Tew said...

Thanks, though credit for the concept goes strictly to stabby king ottley!