Monday, May 31, 2010

Missing Links

Heya. I'm in the middle of a much bigger update and found a few drawings from last December that tried to slip through the cracks. I'll have none of that, even if they're hard to make sense of. First up is a doodle that features a nice pair of bewbs surprisingly overshadowed by whatever-the-hell is on the male character's head. I think I imagined some kind of corn husk or something, but every time I see the drawing my brain says "banana." Faulty wiring, no doubt.

Next up is some Christmas doodling, made "Christmas" by the "Mele Kalikemaka" bowl-cut on blondie up top. I suppose the most eye-catching part of the page is the mass of flesh in the upper-left, contributed by the signer, but my personal fav is the fella with the helmt. I was trying to explain what a Hawaiian helmet looked like, and doing so from memory was bound to be accompanied by a certain amount of fail. Still, it's interesting for being out of my safety zone. I also like the monkey-looking fella and the egg-yolk-fire-headed guy. Fuller pages of doodles are fun.

Last but not least, a quick doodle on the edge of a work-page from my desk. The rest of it (not shown here) is full of hand-written notes about one of my game prototypes.

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