Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drawing Gaggle

My drawing has slowed after spending my days scripting. My brain is mush by the time I get to draw night. For awhile, I thought my creativity was also dying -- that doodling was becoming less interesting to me -- but it was just paranoia and slumping that went away with time. The gap between this and my last "regular" posts was intentional because I missed the comments that seemed less forthcoming when I updated every week. We'll see how my evil plan turned out...

Ever since quitting my job, printer paper has been a bit harder to come by, so I sometimes appear with no paper to doodle on. Luckily the guys spared me this comic page to scribble on. Derek's been doing these amazing "PrintCutPlay" cutouts from IPs that he likes, and when he was working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle version, I felt compelled to join in on the action. I used to love the Turtles back in their violent days and different artists would do different interpretations of them, in the days before the more cartoony TMNT appeared. I started doodling Donatello, but didn't feel like fleshing out his Bo staff. Not sure who the guy on the bottom is, but he seems Vampire-y to me.

Next up, nude forms of the male and female variety. Nothing particularly noteworthy about them, except her extremely long neck, and his terrible hair. Actually, the fella's belly reminds me of my own. Must... defeat... belly...

I remember doodling this next one at home, rather than coming to draw night. I must have felt really frazzled after a particularly bad day of coding so I just sat down on the couch at home and fiddled around. Both images are meant to be the same girl, but I'm pretty bad at keeping a head consistent between frames; I simply never practice it. Still, hands, feet, foreshortening, semi-stylized body, weird hair, and some complaining notes from myself make for an interesting page, methinks.

The most interesting thing about this one is the face in the upper-left. The style of drawing is fairly uncharacteristic of me, I think. I usually like pretty squiggly or flowy lines, and the impression the drawing gives me is more angled and precise. It just strikes me as an odd thing to come out of my pencil. The rest are the regular goofy doodles, but the fella with the big arm is fun for me to look at.

Um. So this one is a bit more obscene. I'm not sure why I share everything but there it is... a guy slapping his own penis in wah-wah-wah-waaah disappointment. Thinks just never work out for this hunky garden gnome or his lady, do they? Nope.

I'm not sure if this was in the same draw night, but this was a quick experiment of "space marine" shapes for a game prototype I'm fiddling with. I'm not very good with the sci-fi tech stuff, but it was fun just fiddling, even though it's hard to read what's going on with the doodle. I found it helpful, at least. :-p

It's hard to remember much about this doodle, but I kinda like the "thick" figure of the guy. Most of the figures I draw are pretty wirey. For some reason, the stick figure up top keeps catching my eye. I think I hadn't done any action shots in awhile, and I was trying to imagine a good pose for some kicking forward at someone or something else, and it just lacks that punch. Some people (like Ryan Ottley) consistently churn out the awesome poses, and I'm always, always jealous.

Next up, more space marine junk. Just fiddling with stylized figures trying to find out what kind of stylized body might be fun to look at. The whole realistic-stylized warrior thing seems a pretty common in games since TF2, but meh, I enjoy looking at it, so the exercise was fun.

Where the last two pages came from the couch, this was at another draw night. I'm ashamed that only one teeny doodle came from an entire night of drawing. I must have been yapping about something else. Damn me to hell.

And one week later, still too little to show. I think it was after this night that I was starting to wonder if "art" was just slipping from my bones. The drawing on top is one of those "create something creepy on purpose"-type doodles, and the bottom effort to fiddle around with a "gritty" Link, just turned out all wrong. I think I was starting to feel discouraged with both output and quality.

Next week didn't do much to assuage my fears but didn't send me spiraling further downward, either. I got to do a bit more space-marine-y stuff, and I think someone was asking me about how I think about shapes in the body based on the figure in the lower right. If the drawing makes you curious about how I approach it, feel free to torment yourself with my ramblings on google video.

But things started to feel better for me. I had fun with this page of figures, and was happy to do the "full page of doodles again." I think I came late and drew fast this night, and since we've been adding lots of new people to draw night, I think it actually inspires me to put more interesting things on the page than I might with the pressure-free zone my close friends provide. Who knew the pressure would help?

Still feeling the full page thing, I did a repeat performance a couple weeks later, and had Rachel rate my figures in order of preference. I like seeing what other people respond to, and I should remember to do this more often. There are sometimes interesting surprises between what I like and others like. I'm not sure the drawing she rated with a "3" would have earned it without the appendage she added and signed.

Last up is another montage. I remember more about this page since it's the most recent. The character at top-right has head and body hair inspired by the excellent Geoff Shupe. And I particularly liked the lower-left and cartoony-middle guys, because they were very abstract, follow-the-line drawings with interesting results. Hope you enjoyed browsing the latest haul.


Geoff Shupe - Concept Artist said...

good grouping dude!
you've still got the juice, come to drawnight!

Alan Tew said...

I brought it! Woo!

KiMu said...

Back with a vengeance, well done.

Tom Scholes said...

watch the video, for old times sake - sniff sniff.

Alan Tew said...

I need get that thing... hi-res so I can xfer it to yootoobz.

Unknown said...

Big fan of your blog dude! I had begun to lose hope that you would ever post again! Excellent stuff man...Love the poses on the full-pagers =)

Alan Tew said...

Thanks. I usually come around, just too often in an un-timely manner.

David Shearer said...

Hi Alan, Been a fan for a long time. I still dont know entirely what you do. You mentioned you have been scripting... I dont know why you are doing that but i hope it involves drawing. You should be drawing for a living, your poses are really great and your characters are fun. I could easily see you penciling somewhere.

Also, you should try drawing more enlightening things. I think you may be bored of playing the same old tune. Go to new places internally and express them externally.

Alan Tew said...

Thanks David. I'm a game designer with a background in art. Sometimes I fancy the idea of drawing for a living but I have a curiously deep, deep love for game design.

I'm not sure what enlightened things are, per se, but not everything is crass. The crass ones just like attention. Going new places is fun, and I like when the lines talk to me.

N.Brooks said...

you are a magic with a pencil man . I'm a big fan you . Sorry my english because i'm brasiliam . Você é um artista de primeira e gostaria de ver mais trabalhos em video seu . uma grande abraço (big hug) . nando Alves

N.Brooks said...

you are a magic with a pencil man . I'm a big fan you . Sorry my english because i'm brasiliam . Você é um artista de primeira e gostaria de ver mais trabalhos em video seu . uma grande abraço (big hug) . nando Alves