Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

The voices from comments haunt me, and motivate me to try, for another while at least, to stay regular with updates. Unfortunately, the November month has been a bit hole-filled when it comes to drawing. This past Tuesday, the crew stayed home to avoid an incoming storm, but I hadn't posted my doodle page from last week.

The upper-left drawing I started fiddling with was influenced by Ryan Ottley working on a Eve zombie commission he was working on next to me. Ryan luuuvs drawing the macabre -- it flows naturally for him -- which I can't relate to. I think it's because he loves detail in his drawings, and I usually prefer the opposite. When I was learning to draw, I would look in the mirror and ask myself, How can I duplicate this image with the least number of lines? Not that there's no way to simplify a zombie, just that I haven't tried. Maybe I should try.

Other highlights? I liked the guy with the bag of chips; I drew his left hand and it seemed like a good hand for opening chips and I ran with it. I also enjoyed the kitty shape; I don't feel good at animals, but I'll take random stabs to see if I can evoke the right animal in others' heads (it seemed to work). Finally, I enjoyed the nekkid lady in the background. I actually made a point to avoid the ween this week just because it's all over the place in my doodles but what really interested me about her was the stylization in the face; the non-eyebrows, ultra-long lashes, and lack of lip detail aren't things I fiddle with. Man I can blab a lot about not much.


1000 Hells said...

Awesome stuff. Is there anychance that some day there'll be an "Art of Barbarian" book? Or should i be content with the stuff i dl'd from your other website?

Alan Tew said...

@erik content, I'm afraid. The stuff on is all of the artwork I have from it, and the rest disappeared with Saffire, which is out of business. And Art books... that reminds me that I want to assemble all my sketches into a nice series. I need to get re-scanning soon.