Saturday, December 18, 2010


Another week, another gaggle of figures. It seems rare when I'm inspired to draw anything specific of late, and when that happens, I just like to throw figures around. I drew the head in the upper-left and just didn't feel like going anywhere with it. From there, I decided to try an upturned head and it turned into an upper-body drawing (middle-left). Then I started drawing a knee and lower leg that turned into a full body (middle-right). His chest was a little squished, but I decided not to give a fuuuuu... and let it be. The lady-butt (bottom-left) was next, actually inspired by perusing Manara's lady-butts on Google images earlier in the day. Finally, frustrated by the abundance of nothing-but-figures, I did a few expressions, starting with the fella sticking out his tongue (bottom-right), the weird cartoony fella biting his lower lip (left) and the quick profile (right) before it was off for some late-night pizza.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I forgot my clipboard and pencil at drawing this past week. I'm really particular about the pencil I use, which I think is the same one I've used for the past 10 years or so... some generic Pentel with a really big eraser. Ryan Ottley hooked me up with a different pencil but the lead was a bit dark and I felt like it threw my drawing all over the place, although the difference may not be very visible to you. Anyway, the first page was me getting used to pencils until Tim hooked me up with a lead that felt a bit more normal (I usually just use HB), and so I was happy. Out of the doodles, I enjoy the fella that looked a bit like Lion-O. I forgot how buff that cat is, since he always looked like such a doof.

Then, before we took off for eats, I just played around with what started otu as a profile. I imagined some kind of crab-like shape for a mohawk, and decided to make it fingers. That's it!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let It Hang

There was supposed to a blizzard the week of Thanksgiving, and even though it was a no show, it stalled doodling for a week. Standard fare here, just random scribbles. The only thing that started with a purpose was the nekkid fella. I was in the bathroom the other day clipping my toenails after showering (soft toenails, yay!) and Jen looked over at me and said, "You should try drawing this from my perspective." Draw night was a few days later, but I gave it a whirl. It's getting a bit personal now, innit?