Saturday, December 18, 2010


Another week, another gaggle of figures. It seems rare when I'm inspired to draw anything specific of late, and when that happens, I just like to throw figures around. I drew the head in the upper-left and just didn't feel like going anywhere with it. From there, I decided to try an upturned head and it turned into an upper-body drawing (middle-left). Then I started drawing a knee and lower leg that turned into a full body (middle-right). His chest was a little squished, but I decided not to give a fuuuuu... and let it be. The lady-butt (bottom-left) was next, actually inspired by perusing Manara's lady-butts on Google images earlier in the day. Finally, frustrated by the abundance of nothing-but-figures, I did a few expressions, starting with the fella sticking out his tongue (bottom-right), the weird cartoony fella biting his lower lip (left) and the quick profile (right) before it was off for some late-night pizza.


Anonymous said...

Inspirational as always. Thanks for posting up the goodness and making me feel guilty about not cracking open my sketchbook ;P Merry Christmas!

Alan Tew said...

@chauncey you're welcome i guess! and thanks for giving Lady-Butt it's first comment. hehe