Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello everyone. It's about time for another picture dump as I've been hoarding since the new year. Bad me. I usually dump everything into a single post but I want to deviate this time, posting images in smaller groups based on date.

I'm not sure if January was just really busy or if I didn't feel like drawing after a bunch of New Year vacationing, but all I have to show for it is this. At least the drawings seem happy being released from the prison of my pencil. Dance!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I just noticed I'm a hundred followers shy of standing against the Persian armies. Very exciting, and much thanks to everyone who has followed me for all these years. I think I posted my first sketch blog in... checks his hard drive... 1996... yikes. Anyway, it's been really fun to post drawings and meet people, and I appreciate everyone's part in helping me achieve this happy little milestone.

So drawings, right? The holidays have been a predictable mixture of stress and sickness (might they go together?) that have made draw nights irregular, but I plan to visit this upcoming Tue to get 2011 moving along as it should. My doodles doodles pick up a few days before all-powerful Christmas, with some typical fair. It's always typical fair, but this time with a bit of interaction of the hugging variety. Awww, hugging. Little fella may be insecure, and his lady-friend tolerant enough... for now.

The last doodles of 2010 come from New Years Eve, celebrated with Jen's dad and step mom in Park City. After a bit of yummy dinner and drinks everyone got inside to get toasty and warm and rest away some holiday bloat (and jet lag). I thought doodling would be a nice way to pass the time, and this was the result. The 31st of December is also a very special birthday time, which I apparently saw fit to commemorate with a hairy, action-packed version of the Thinker... I guess.

I hope everyone is still kicking after 2010 and has much more kicking in store in 2011. Cheers!