Tuesday, February 22, 2011

________ Fare.

Standard scribbles from a standard doodle page. It looks like I was in an expressive-cartoony mood as well. "Chillaxe" was a name idea for a cold-themed villain squad Ottley was coming up with, but I don't remember if it made the cut.

I didn't date the next page of doodles (curses!) so I'm lumping it with the previous, especially given its similar content. I never cared about caretaking in my doodles until I started up beeba.net forever-ago, but now I've been particular about caretaking ever since.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flick It Good

The center of attention in my first doodles of February, in my opinion, is the tentacle-porn star. I think I didn't feel like drawing junk on 'im, and it morphed into something much more unfortunate. A doodle is bound to draw the short stick now when it comes to private parts. We can't all have nice peckers.

The next page has a bit of collaborative goodness in it. I felt like having someone else come up with the hair for the head in the upper-right on the page, and Ryan Ottley was kind enough to oblige me. After crafting a fabulous 'do, Ryan offered to ink the odd pose in the lower-left. Looking at the inked character after the fact, I decided it could use more purpose, and penciled in some guck to flick around. I will say no more.