Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bay Doodles

Jen and I went on a trip to visit her mom in the Bay Area. Jen really loves planes but gets nervous flying -- I think her enthusiasm for planes led to too much reading about what could potentially go wrong on a flight -- so I drew to distract her. In this case, I thought something cute would do the trick, like a kitten stewardess attending to kitten passengers on a kitten flight. Plenty of balls of yarn required.

The vacation was very relaxed, and if it's not a very busy trip, I often find myself enjoying some drawing for myself. As of late, draw nights have gotten quite large, but I feel like my creative side thrives when I'm much more within my comfort zone, and I think doodling on a vacation is a symptom of this comfort. It's nice, and on this page I especially like how the upside-down lady turned out.

This page contains a game, but started out to see what some superheroes would look like. I've mentioned before that I hate how my superheroes turn out because I often draw costumes so awkwardly on them -- that they look about as awkward as real-life Spiderman looks in those tights. I'm sometimes curious whether, understanding this, I can overcome it quickly, instead of the few days of superhero drawing it usually takes.

As the vacation doodles continued, I wanted to have a bit more focus on the female form, and did some fun drawings here. I particularly like the headphone girl, with inexplicable stringy bits floating behind her. The thick-lined doodle is also a bit interesting, and might be more revealing about how I think about the human form, for better or worse.

This page illustrates my point about how rusty my superhero drawings start. The Wolverine here looks goofy, and it would probably take a few days of dedicated superhero drawing before it would look okay to me, let alone to someone else. Since I'm posting it, I can only hope there's something interesting in watching me struggle.

My last page from the trip actually includes a couple (mostly) clothed figures, which is certainly a break from the norm. The trip was great, and I was really happy that a lot of comfy drawings came out of it. Joy.


Luis Muñoz said...

Number 7 was drawn while you were drunk. Am I right?

Alan Tew said...

Close, but no cigar. :-)