Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not Quite Right

I tend to like full pages, so this draw night after my trip was a fun one. I remember enjoying the drawing on the bottom of the guy with markings on his lower lip, and I like looking at the weird skull-thing next to him, as well. There's also a bit of silliness on the page, which I miss in my doodles nowadays. Perhaps the most interesting doodle to me, however, was my attempt to draw an expressionless psychopath breaking down a door with his elbow. There's no story context to make the doodle come to life, but it's fun to try to draw a creep.

My second page is another undated doodle that I'm just grouping here. I was thinking about how I rarely draw the human head from a back-angle, and so I gave it a few shots, and was impressed by how much I struggled with it. I'm not sure I ever got it right, but it won't stop me from posting the evidence.

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