Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Star Bubbles

This seemed like another more-productive Draw Night, with some experimentation in more free-flow, cartoonish faces. The cross-legged fella in the lower-left is interesting because the legs suggest a comfortable sitting position, but his arms are awkward as hell. To his right are squiggles. I like squiggles.

More figures on the second page of the evening. A nice representation of ladies, thankfully, but the Elvis hairdo, tattoo, cupid wings, and star bubbles are equally welcome.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Challenge or Two

At the beginning of this draw night I mentioned to Ryan Ottley that I hate drawing Superman because the end result usually looks "off" to me, and he seemed surprised to hear it. I wondered, however, if having him do the roughs would circumvent this problem, so we did this experiment, me drawing over his general shapes. You might look at the result and think it looks bad, but in my opinion, it's a vast improvement over what I might do without said breakdown beneath it.

Draw Night output always greatly varies, but it looks like this was a productive evening. The doodle in the lower-left shows off my occasionally-professed love of drawing body hair; I don't draw it all the time, but whenever I do, it's hella fun. Perhaps the most interesting pic to me, however, is center-right, with the pose that might be too explicit were it completely filled in. I find myself occasionally wanting to do extremely explicit art. This is in theme, I think, with wanting to draw awkward angles to get better at doodling more contact between figures -- and I'm quite desensitized to explicit imagery thanks to the ol' internet -- but it's never something I feel comfortable going through with, perhaps because I'm bad at it or because it's really difficult to shake away how it might be perceived and appreciated. Dunno!

But here's a wiener. Wieners seem less controversial, in part because unlike a vagina -- where you have to go suspiciously out of your way to be explicit -- it's almost impossible not to be explicit with a wiener, and in part because I presume less of the public finds it titillating. Or maybe it's just that no one who knows me can accuse me of trying to titillate myself. Okay, I'll quit talking now; trying to be real and not sound dumb is more difficult than I thought. :-P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lookin' Up

This doodle was part of an anemic Draw Night. The girl on the bottom of the page catches my eye because it looks wrong; that her head is too small for her body. I sometimes wonder about the affect of mistakes in drawings ever since Howard Lyon mentioned a master artist who said that not having both eyes of a person looking exactly in the exact same direction generated a subtly more interesting picture. Maybe all deformations in art have the potential to add interest if not swiftly caught by the eye as "wrong"... not that this applies here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

England Doodles

Jen and I went on an England trip to revisit some of her childhood there and relax with her dad and stepmom. They were outrageously gracious hosts, and the trip was a blast, but we kept active enough that I never found the urge to sit down and doodle. The exception was on plane trips, which is a nice time to draw just to pass the time. The first three drawings, if I remember correctly, were from the first leg of the flight to Dallas. It seems things started smoothly, though, since the drawings don't look much different than the output from a typical draw night.

Things seem a bit bumpier for the next page, though, and when that happens, I switch over to rough figure drawings so the turbulence doesn't seem very obvious on the page. The hairy dude has a swell haircut. Maybe he's Guile's biker dad.

At the end of the flight to Dallas you can see what happens if the turbulence gets real bad. If I want to keep drawing, I let rock, holding the pencil loosely and letting it add to the ambiance of the page. There were no drawings from Dallas to Heathrow, since I had a TV to keep me entertained.

The next page of doodles came during a day trip to Amsterdam. We got up at 4 a.m. and took an hour flight over for the day. The flight is so quick that the attendants barely have enough time to roll a cart through before the captain signals everyone to prepare for descent, but the entire thing makes for a pleasurable bit of doodling.

Later that evening, after lots of walking around, visiting, and eating, we were ready to hop back to St. Albans. For a short flight, I was able to squeeze out a bunch of quick doodles, even a bit of cartoon beans (upper-left) and drama (I guess? Lower-middle). It was mostly fast figures to compensate for the turbulence, but a fun page nonetheless.

Coming back from England we were going through Chicago instead of Dallas; it was a shorter flight, and though I was intent to pass the time with TV, some doodle time appeared when my TV shorted out and I started panicking about keeping entertained for the still-long duration. It was a brief interlude, until Jen graciously shared headphones so we could watch movies together on her TV.

Perhaps my favorite doodles on the trip came from Chicago back to Salt Lake, however. With a long flight and no television, I had quite a bit of time to burn. I had made it a goal to cram all of my airplane drawings onto one page, but after awhile, I realized I had a bit too little space to keep going, and I had to move onto the next page. If I remember correctly, I made a point to alternate between the male and female form, to keep things even. On the drawing in the lower-left, I had Jenny outline a hairdo for me, and I filled it in. I filled the afro shape with what I imagined was a bunch of huge, poofy, long red hair. I miss full pages like this. I need to grow to draw night earlier so I can do this more often.

After the full page of doodles, I doodled the guy in the mid-left of this page and roughed in something for him to be throwing his hand at. It became a very sketchy piece with a particular image in mind, but I became tired of problems in it and didn't feel up to the challenge of sorting it all out and making it look nice. I figured the sketchiness would be enough to get the idea across, and decided to just let it be.

With airpline time winding down, I finished with a simple figure. It was a great trip for drawing; I look forward to the next.