Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flick It Good

The center of attention in my first doodles of February, in my opinion, is the tentacle-porn star. I think I didn't feel like drawing junk on 'im, and it morphed into something much more unfortunate. A doodle is bound to draw the short stick now when it comes to private parts. We can't all have nice peckers.

The next page has a bit of collaborative goodness in it. I felt like having someone else come up with the hair for the head in the upper-right on the page, and Ryan Ottley was kind enough to oblige me. After crafting a fabulous 'do, Ryan offered to ink the odd pose in the lower-left. Looking at the inked character after the fact, I decided it could use more purpose, and penciled in some guck to flick around. I will say no more.

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