Friday, July 22, 2011

Air Mental

These drawings were done on a plane ride to visit my immediate family at my parents' new home in Tennessee. It was a decent flight -- three hours -- and I was determined to draw through most of it. I remember having fond thoughts of crammed doodles from my last trip to England, and I think was intending to mimic the results. My first page is full of the usual random doodles, but my favorite is the light, rightmost, armless, male figure in the lower-right of the page; there was something about his look that appealed (and still appeals to me).

I was running out of steam by the time the second page began, however, and you can kind of see my lines tire out, until my brain is going bonkers but I stubbornly press on with my pencil. The lines start thin and wobbly with the balding man in the center and kinda waft randomly around the page until towards the end, things almost started feeling disassociated to me, producing sketches like the figure in the lower-left and top-left corner of the pages. I really felt like I was going mental. Too much airplane drawing for me.

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