Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Challenge or Two

At the beginning of this draw night I mentioned to Ryan Ottley that I hate drawing Superman because the end result usually looks "off" to me, and he seemed surprised to hear it. I wondered, however, if having him do the roughs would circumvent this problem, so we did this experiment, me drawing over his general shapes. You might look at the result and think it looks bad, but in my opinion, it's a vast improvement over what I might do without said breakdown beneath it.

Draw Night output always greatly varies, but it looks like this was a productive evening. The doodle in the lower-left shows off my occasionally-professed love of drawing body hair; I don't draw it all the time, but whenever I do, it's hella fun. Perhaps the most interesting pic to me, however, is center-right, with the pose that might be too explicit were it completely filled in. I find myself occasionally wanting to do extremely explicit art. This is in theme, I think, with wanting to draw awkward angles to get better at doodling more contact between figures -- and I'm quite desensitized to explicit imagery thanks to the ol' internet -- but it's never something I feel comfortable going through with, perhaps because I'm bad at it or because it's really difficult to shake away how it might be perceived and appreciated. Dunno!

But here's a wiener. Wieners seem less controversial, in part because unlike a vagina -- where you have to go suspiciously out of your way to be explicit -- it's almost impossible not to be explicit with a wiener, and in part because I presume less of the public finds it titillating. Or maybe it's just that no one who knows me can accuse me of trying to titillate myself. Okay, I'll quit talking now; trying to be real and not sound dumb is more difficult than I thought. :-P

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