Sunday, August 14, 2011

Delicious Chest Hair

I was in a nice doodly mood at the last draw night, but I felt like I didn't have a lot of control over my pencil. I think I was using new printer paper that was slightly thicker than normal, and it made my lines more thin, and I need some time to compensate. It's really strange how finely tuned artists can be to their tools. At some point I turned to someone and complained about how I hated everything I was doodling, but after some time I felt like I was starting to regain control, and I went over some of the first drawings to make them more appealing. You may think the head of hair in the upper left might be one of the poo-doodles, but it was actually the last thing I drew on the page. I wanted to give the hairless head some locks, in the laziest possible way I could think of. My favorite doodle on the page is the guy sucking his chest hair, because he's gross.

The next page was just a few more random bits. The main point of interest for me is Lo Pan. From the moment I saw Big Trouble In Little China at age 11 I've been a rabid fan of the movie; it's one of the few I can quote, and after getting into a discussion about it around dinner time, Ryan pulled out the movie on his iPad and told me to doodle Lo Pan with the reference provided. It was a close-up of his head, so I could only see so much; but it was enough for me to recreate another scene -- one of my favorites -- where he and Egg Shen (sp?) are battling with magical avatars and Lo Pan is wiggling his thumbs like he's controlling a character in a videogame.

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